Should we still wear masks?

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For the last few years, we’ve worn masks to protect our safety and the health of those around us. But in the process, they have become part of our fashion and identity.


While masks are heavily associated with the pandemic, as cases continue to stay under control, you might be wondering: are there still any reasons for me to wear a mask?


Let's take a step back.


Although the mask market has experienced exponential growth in the last few years, they were already widely used in the medical, health and industrial fields in order to avoid the transmission of viruses and bacteria as well as to protect people from smog and pollution.


These particular industries will most likely continue to use them, but what about the general public? For the majority of people, the decision has become a choice, which is completely down to personal preference, as well as a collective responsibility, or rather a ‘responsible choice’.

Should you wear a mask?

Here are six reasons why you might want to consider it.

1. To protect against illnesses

Aside from Covid, masks can protect you and those around you from other viruses, such as colds and the flu, with one study revealing that they have a threefold reduction rate in how much the virus is sprayed into the air than without one.


This is why many companies are deciding to continue wearing masks in their work environments in order to protect their employees and their customers as well as reduce the likelihood of absenteeism due to illness, which is better for business.


This is the case of companies both in the sports field, such as Prema, McLaren and Torino Basket, in the design field, such as Delta Light, as well as in the tanning sector such as Erretre, who have customised and branded versions of the U-Mask FFP2 Model 3.


This extra detail not only reinforces their brand identity, but protects their employees and visitors as well as supporting their sustainability strategy.

2. To reduce allergies

If you suffer from allergies, wearing a mask outdoors can be a good defence mechanism, especially when there’s a high pollen count. During one study, it was found that masks significantly decreased both nasal and ocular symptoms for patients who suffered from pollen allergies.

3. To protect against pollution

According to the latest research, 99% of people breathe air that exceeds air quality limits. The U-Mask Model 3 is designed to counteract the passage of external microorganisms, offering specific protection against the smallest aerosols and particles. This aims to help reduce the impact that these particles can have on your health, such as respiratory problems.

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4. To protect the planet

Unlike most masks, the U-Mask is reusable, washable and has a low carbon footprint – the Model 3’s monthly carbon footprint is only 16% of the average disposable FFP mask. Its non-toxic nylon cover is regenerated from ocean and landfill waste and, on average, each U-Mask 2.2 saves 50 surgical masks from entering the sea, while the Model 3 saves the ocean from 21 FFP masks.


5. To protect against Covid

While cases are low, the virus is still circulating around the world.


As we well know, masks can not only protect ourselves from Covid, but also those around us if we choose to wear one.

6. To reinforce your brand

If you’re a business, you might be looking for ways to keep your employees and visitors safe while keeping your brand identity consistent.


You can customise the U-Mask with colours and your company logo. This creates alignment among employees and maintains your brand identity, which signals the company's respect for the health of customers, employees and the environment.


Have you got yours?

When our body lacks nutrition, we eat more healthily; when we’re feeling stressed, we take care of our wellbeing. The same goes for what we breathe and how we treat unsafe air.


Whether you’re wearing them for personal or business use, masks should be here to stay to help keep everyone safe from a variety of illnesses.


If you're convinced, have a look at our cutting-edge designs and stay safe.

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  • I’m still wearing my mask around even though masks have been uplifted.on my island. I am protecting myself from all kinds of germs floating around in the atmosphere. The air is very much polluted from all the war missiles etc and beside continuing to wear my mask, I always boil my drinking water now instead of depending on the purified water.

    Mrs Helen McKenzie on
  • Totally agree that we need to mask up for our safety and the safety of others around us.

    Simon Leprince on
  • Yes for sure. GOOD IDEA. Nobody is safe without wearing a mask. Period.

    NF Ngcuka on
  • Very good idea I think.. After I had fever for the past two weeks including my colleagues at work, which is a primary school, we made a choice that we are wearing masks again for our health sake. We are more comfortable even among the learners because we do not know how the flu has spread so quickly, especially among teachers.

    NF Ngcuka on
  • I think face mask is now a part of life and wearing them is our responsibility

    naveed on

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