5 Benefits of Biotech Supplements

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What if scientists had found a way to enhance your life using the processes found in nature so you could be your best self every day? And it comes in a convenient daily supplement. Would you take it? 

Over 70% of people take supplements, but these are mainly designed to maintain a certain level of nutrients in the body. Biotech supplements, like Hyper-U, are made to advance your life in areas that you didn’t think possible. 

Let’s break it down. 

What is Biotechnology? 

In a not-so-scientific nutshell, biotechnology looks at biological processes and living organisms and applies them to different scenarios with the aim of developing technological solutions and products that help us live better lives and heal the planet. Its primary focus is advancement in all forms and it looks at the world to provide the answers. 

Modern biotechnology is split into five categories: human, environmental, industrial, animal and plant. From hunger to disease, almost every problem can be helped by biotechnology and it’s hoped that these solutions will solve some of the biggest issues we have in the world. 

These include:

  • Farming to feed a growing population 
  • Finding cures for certain diseases 
  • Constructing new buildings using sustainable materials 
  • Reducing waste and pollution 
  • Producing environmentally-friendly alternatives to resource-heavy products like fuel and fabric

OK, So What Are Biotech Supplements? 

While supplements are made to top up your nutrition and maintain your health, biotech supplements are designed to solve particular issues by finding processes in nature that are crafted to tackle them.  

By looking at our genetics and matching issues to nature’s solutions, scientists can create products that work in tandem with our bodies to not only enhance our health, but help us reach our maximum potential. 

Hyper-U is a biotechnology supplement that’s been created through extensive epigenetic research (the study of our genes and how our environment affects them) and DNA. It’s considered a biotech supplement due to the extraction process of its key ingredients, which are designed to increase its efficiency making it more powerful than standard supplements. 

Wondering if biotech supplements are for you? Keep reading to discover their benefits. 

5 Reasons to Choose Biotech Supplements

1. They Use Nature To Your Advantage 

Biotechnology searches the natural world looking for biological systems, reactions or living organisms that could help to solve some of our greatest problems.

Biotech supplements are usually made from natural ingredients that work to improve lives. When it comes to things that we’re putting in our body, not only are natural ingredients considered healthier and safer, but as natural beings ourselves, the natural ingredients are used to work with our own biological processes.

The natural ingredients in Hyper-U have been carefully selected to work together to tackle the three issues that the biotech supplement targets. 

  • Rhodiola unblocks blood vessels to improve blood flow, regulates your heartbeat and protects cells from damage. This helps to increase energy and concentration levels, manage anxiety and depression and increase the body’s resistance to stress.
  • Spirulina boosts energy levels, improves oxygen flow, maintains blood pressure, regulates brain activity, and improves the immune response. 
  • Phycocyanin maintains immune system strength, improves oxygen flow and reduces inflammation. This helps to reduce allergies and improves muscle strength and endurance.

2. They Work With Your Genes 

The ingredients in biotech supplements can affect your body’s cellular structure, which can have increased, more long-lasting effectiveness to improve the issues over time on a deeper level. 

The rhodiola and spirulina in Hyper-U have been extracted with technologies that promote the increase in efficacy without compromising the body’s cellular structure or adding chemicals to the process.

The phycocyanin also contributes to the invigoration of the immune system by strengthening the cell membrane and increasing the protection of cells from virus attacks.

3. They Provide Targeted Benefits

By looking at the cell structure and finding ingredients that work on that level, the benefits of biotech supplements can be super targeted. So, if you have specific issues that you’d like to address, a biotech supplement could be your answer.  

Hyper-U targets three main common issues: stress (both oxidative and physical), fatigue and anxiety. These problems are mainly all due to environmental factors, so by conducting genetic assessment, scientists found natural ingredients that work to alter these problems on a cellular level.

Over time, Hyper-U changes your response to stress, putting you in a unique state of mind to deal with triggers differently. 

4. The Processes Can Increase The Effectiveness 

We’ve mentioned how the cell targeting of biotech supplements can increase their power, but the effectiveness can also be increased based on how the ingredients are extracted from their source. 

In some cases, extraction can harm the very properties that the ingredient is needed for, making it useless within a supplement. Any biotech supplement that considers the extraction process can actually use this to its advantage. 

Hyper-U contains RodioX2©, a potent form of rhodiola, which goes through a solvent-free process to improve its chemical and physical characteristics, increasing the access to circulation, and therefore enhancing the performance of the ingredient. This is called bioavailability. 

Enhanced bioavailability means higher bodily absorption and assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and energy per unit. The more assimilation, the stronger the effect. This process makes the RodioX2© complex 10x more effective than traditional supplements.

The phycocyanin also goes through a chemical free process that aims to keep the properties "alive" without modifying the structure but improving the quality and the bioavailability of the ingredient.

5. They’re Designed To Enhance Your Life

If you’ve ever sat at your desk and dreamt of the day you could have enough energy to not only deal with the daily stresses of life but have the strength to go above them to get more done in the day and achieve your dreams, then biotech supplements are for you. 

That’s because they’re not made to simply minimise the chances of contracting certain health issues. They’re made to eliminate the day-to-day annoyances that hold us back and help us live life to the fullest. 

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life? 

If you’ve read the above and you’re now convinced that biotech supplements are suited to your needs, have a look at Hyper-U. If you need to perform at your best every day and want the energy and productivity levels to do this, then this one-of-a-kind supplement is built for you.