Resurrection Biomimetic Skincare

A velvety concentration of rejuvenation

Rejuvenate while you sleep

Welcome to the Future of Night time Skincare

Your Nightly Ritual, Transformed

Revel in the innovative blend of luxury and biotechnology that transforms your nighttime skincare routine into a restorative ritual. RESURRECTION Bio Identical Face Creme is your answer to the challenges of ageing, providing deep nourishment and restoration thanks to its rich, velvety texture.

Regenerate, Lift, and Awaken to New Skin

Our breakthrough formula works harmoniously with your body’s natural circadian rhythms, employing the darkness of the night to deliver maximum effectiveness. Counteract the damage caused by daily stress, pollution, and atmospheric agents, as our face cream works its magic while you rest.

The Renewal of Tired, Fatigued Skin

Say goodbye to tired, weary skin. RESURRECTION is a true elixir that harnesses the power of Spirulina algae extract and a complex of emollient plant oils, creating an environment for your skin to regenerate and heal. As dawn breaks, awake to skin that’s truly resurrected, rejuvenated, and ready for a new day.

The Power of Biotechnology Unleashed

Our groundbreaking formula utilises advanced biotechnology to enhance the rejuvenating potential of the selected active ingredients. A concentration of the best nature has to offer, boosted and packed in a precious jar.

growth factors

These proteins dynamise your skin and reinforce the bioenergetic network, reviving your skin’s natural radiance and youth.

Vitamin Cocktail

Vitamins A, C, B5, and E collaborate with peptides to redensify the epidermis, returning the bounce and vitality to your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

This potent compound regulates cell activity, offering long-lasting action and unrivalled hydration.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is a beauty elixir rich in phytosterols, fat-soluble vitamins, lecithin, and terpenic alcohols. It enhances skin health, provides lipid balance, UV protection, regeneration, and collagen stimulation. Ideal for delicate, dehydrated, or damaged skin, it offers a sensual caress to the skin's hydro-lipid mantle.

Vitamin A

An ester form of Vitamin A boosts skin elasticity and reduces photoaging damage.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamin C intervenes in collagen synthesis - acting as a cofactor in various enzymatic reactions - and is able to preserve existing collagen. It is also involved in the regeneration of other antioxidants (such as vitamin E), thus enhancing its natural anti-radical activity.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

This unique ingredient mimics the action of thrombospondin, triggering intense collagen production.

Provitamin B5

A part of Coenzyme A, it aids in the re-epithelization and repair of damaged tissue and exhibits anti-inflammatory effects.

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid

Due to the cross-linking of Hyaluronic Acid, the molecule exerts a dermal surface-filling effect, binds higher water levels, and possesses a long-lasting action because it is degraded with difficulty by skin hyaluronidases.

Plant Ceramides

They play a fundamental role in maintaining hydration, skin elasticity and preventing the ingress of harmful substances. With advancing age, ceramides gradually disappear, causing a loss of functionality of the skin barrier. Natural-identical plant ceramides mimic natural ceramides and help maintain an intact skin barrier.

Bioliquefied prickly pear extract

Highly moisturising, skin-restoring and protective. This ingredient, obtained from 100% Italian figs, has improved bioavailability thanks to an exclusive enzymatic treatment.

Brewer's Yeast

A highly selected strain of brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) bolsters the skin's natural ability to protect itself against harmful environmental influences and UV stress. It aids in cell regeneration and energy metabolism, keeping your skin protected against oxidation.

Spirulina Extract

This powerful micro-algae reinforces the skin barrier, provides anti-ageing protection, and controls oiliness for a radiant and balanced skin.

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How Resurrection is different

RESURRECTION Biomimetic Face Creme is not your average night cream; it's an exclusive indulgence designed for those who understand the power of "Hyper Health" and seek a luxurious skincare experience. Each jar is a testament to our commitment to quality, meticulously crafted for an elevated skincare experience. Of uncomparable quality.



Silicones are the second most present ingredient

Petrolatum is the fifth most present ingredient


Petrolatums are the second and third most present ingredients


Petrolatum in present in traces (<0,1%)

How to use Resurrection

Apply to cleansed face until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only.

Join our exclusive club of "Hyper Health" enthusiasts today and rewrite your skin's future. Experience the transformation with RESURRECTION Biomimetic Face Cream.