5 Ways to Biohack Your Life

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Meet biohacking, a popular movement that promises to improve your life and help you achieve your goals. Some firmly believe that humanity will reach new heights thanks to it, others think it’s pointless. But what’s the truth? 

Countless lifestyle trends sweep the health industry on what seems like a weekly basis, so what’s different about biohacking? And why are people taking it so seriously? With celebrity fans like Tony Robbins following its techniques and countless more lauding its benefits, this might be a trend to sit up and take notice of. 

Read on to discover if it's worth the hype and tips on how you can biohack your life. 

What Is Biohacking?

Have you ever heard of do-it yourself biology? If not, the term often goes hand-in-hand with biohacking. Biohacking is a way to “trick” your body and brain into making them perform better, resulting in benefits like increased energy, vitality and productivity, without using medicines. And because you know your body better than anybody else, self-consciousness is a key point in the whole process.

You may not realize it, but if you’re the “life begins after coffee” person, you’re already a biohacker.

What Are the Different Types of Biohacking?

As you get to know more about biohacking, you’ll start to understand how there can be countless methods that can enhance your life. With that being said, here are three of the most popular types of biohacking.


This theory is based on getting to know your body by understanding how different types of food affect your health and well-being according to your genes. Again, we all have that one friend that eats everything but “beans are impossible to digest for me”, maybe they are a biohacker in the making. 

More advanced nutrigenomics techniques try to literally “map” your genes by studying and taking notes of how foods affect your emotions and feelings along with your health over time.

DIY Biology and Grinder

These two are becoming increasingly more technical. DIY biology is a movement conducted by people who often have a formal education in scientific and medical fields, instructing others on how to do biology themselves, following their advice and tricks, to replicate those tactics in non-professional environments, like their house. 

Grinder is the more extreme version of biohacking, which sees every part of the body as optimizable with technical solutions like injections, implants, etc. 

Yes, it sounds like a dystopian movie, but this could be the future of living…

What's the Difference Between Biohacking and Biotechnology? 

Biotechnology uses or applies living things (e.g. organisms, bacteria or fungi) to transform raw materials biologically to make useful products and solve problems. 

Brewing and baking bread are classic examples of biotechnology, using living organisms (yeast) to produce the desired product.

Biohacking doesn’t require scientific knowledge of biological processes but requires a great knowledge of your body and the processes affecting it. The key to biohacking is therefore gnothi seauton, “know yourself”.

Does Biohacking Work?

Nobody knows your body better than you. So learning how to connect with your body in a deeper way, hearing its signals, understanding fully what makes it perform better, and what doesn’t, is a great way to improve your health and well-being.

Studies have shown how nutrigenomic tactics can prevent some diseases that you would be genetically predisposed to and some research has confirmed what the biohacking community has claimed for years, that these tactics can effectively help you lose weight.

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How to Biohack: Tips To Optimise Your Health

Here are some effective and practical ways in which you can start trying to biohack yourself:

1. Intermittent Fasting

There is no universal guide to intermittent fasting, and everyone tends to adapt this diet to their habit and most importantly to their body response.

But some principles are the same: concentrating most of your calorie intake in a few meals or during a certain period of time.

By concentrating all of your food into one or two meals, it’s easier to maintain a low total calorie intake while dieting, as you will feel physically full after eating a very big meal that alone can’t contain all of your daily calories.

2. Supplements 

Another great way to start biohacking is by taking supplements. While normal supplements are used to top up your nutrients to maintain your wellbeing, biohacking supplements include specially selected ingredients or formulas to specifically target certain pain points or problem areas, such as tiredness, stress and anxiety. 

One such supplement is Hyper-U – a daily health capsule that contains three natural ingredients which work together to give you extra energy, improve your mental sharpness and increase productivity. Sounds too good to be true, right? Have a look at Hyper-U and see for yourself. 

3. Changing Your Diet

If you always feel tired, half asleep, heavy or “not in the mood”, it can all start with your diet. Cutting sugar, alcohol, gluten and caffeine are all ways to biohack your diet. But we wouldn’t recommend quitting them all at once. Try one at a time and see which one is affecting you the most. Then try to cut that one out completely.  

4. Resetting Your Mind

Have you ever experienced the power that gratitude and meditation can have on your mood and concentration? Meditation has the power to get rid of bad thoughts, stop being angry for no reason and help you destress. 

If you want to try meditation, but you’re not sure where to start, the Pure Air Zone App provides a range of binaural meditation sessions and it’s completely free to download.

5. Take a Cold Shower

For some, taking a cold shower is their worst nightmare. But there are numerous studies that confirm their benefits, including releasing endorphins, improving metabolism and fighting off colds.  

If you have done a workout, it could help you recover faster, can stimulate your circulation and reduce pain and soreness.

Would You Try Biohacking? 

Getting to know your body and making it function at its best is the secret to living a happy and satisfying life. And while biohacking may not be the silver bullet to fixing all the problems in your world, it's a great way to start improving your well-being. If you’re convinced and want to find an easy, convenient way to start biohacking, the Hyper-U supplement is for you. 

Hyper-U is a biotech daily health supplement that’s designed to help you reach your ultimate mental and physical potential while reducing anxiety and relieving fatigue. The three natural ingredients have been carefully selected to target areas of your body on a cellular level to give you higher energy levels, greater mental sharpness and more productivity than you thought possible. 

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See you at your best!