Hyper-U: the Transformative Biotech Supplement

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For the last few years, your protection has been our priority with U-Mask. Now, we want to protect you from the inside and give you the tools to perform like a champion every day. To do this, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind daily health supplement that unlocks limitless sharpness, mindfulness and productivity – say hello to Hyper-U. 

Hyper-U is a premium biotech supplement designed to help you reach maximum mental and physical potential as well as limitless sharpness, mindfulness and productivity while reducing anxiety and relieving fatigue. 

Designed for Hyper Performers

The world is evolving – the way we work, travel and interact has shifted – meaning our energy, stress levels and overall health have had to keep up. But we still have to show up for our dreams every day while facing continuous challenges that test our mental and physical abilities. Similar to athletes, this puts us all under immense pressure to perform. 

But what if you could face the world free from stress, anxiety and fatigue and with the mental strength, energy and clarity to be your best self? This is a hyper performer – someone who wants to tackle life with ambition, determination and uncompromising standards.

By assessing the habits and DNA of the most successful people in the world and combining this knowledge with our biotechnology expertise, we discovered how everyone can become a hyper performer in the simple form of a daily supplement.

Powerful Ingredients Sourced From Nature

The formula of Hyper-U has been specifically crafted to enhance your health and offer a state of mind that’s needed for the modern world.

The three key ingredients are:

  1. RodioX©, which improves mental function and helps combat fatigue while boosting your mood and concentration for hours at a time
  2. Spiralox®, which is a blue algae sourced from Sardinia’s Blue Zone – an area known for its longevity of life. Packed with vitamins B1, B2, B3, iron, magnesium, and potassium, it helps to fight oxidative stress
  3. Phycocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant that’s extracted using our biotechnology from Spirulina. It’s packed with Vitamin B12 and a high composition of amino acids that improve physical performance while reducing health and immune system problems.

The formula of Hyper-U has been specifically crafted to enhance your health and offer a state of mind that’s needed for the modern world.

Based on genetic research, each of the main ingredients inside Hyper-U has the exact dosing for the ingredients to work best in the body as well as unmatched bioavailability so you can absorb more nutrients, vitamins, and energy per dose. This process means the RodioX© has higher effectiveness than traditional supplements.

hand holding the hyper-u pill by u-earth store

Designed by Experts, Farmed on Demand

Hyper-U has been created by the most experienced researchers in epigenetics who have combined their knowledge of science and health through rigorous testing to ensure this product allows you to unleash your true power.

To maintain quality and control over our supply chain, we control every stage of the production process and the ingredients are sourced from best-in-class suppliers.

We avoid larger farms in Asia in favour of investing in local farms that understand our goal and grow our ingredients themselves.

Become the best "U"

Incorporating Hyper-U into your everyday routine couldn’t be easier – just two capsules a day could skyrocket your focus, and energy and activate your potential, giving you results you’ve only dreamed of. 

So, let us ask you: are you ready to transform your life?