U-Mask 2.2 is here and it fits better than ever!

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The Updated U-Mask Model 2.2 is here:

An innovative product never stops evolving and improving, and we are happy to announce that U-Mask Model 2.2 has arrived! The new model builds on what we have learned in recent months by talking with both customers and the authorities. 

Here's the news:

A new nose clip to stop slipping

Many of you have reported that the mask can sometimes slip down. To improve its stability and wearability, we have introduced a 'mask-tightener', an invisible non-slip clip, to be applied between the filter and the cover, at the nose, which makes the U-Mask even more adherent to the face, preventing it from sliding.

A new colour - 'Jeans' blue

For U-Mask 2.2, we have also introduced a new colour, 'Jeans' blue. It was a colour previously reserved for U-Team employee masks only, but as many of you have requested it, we have added it to the official lineup. It’s our way of saying thanks to you and welcoming our customers into the extended U-Team!

Better efficiency than ever before

What we have learned recently is that there is deep confusion in the mask market, especially from a regulatory point of view. In particular, no specific regulations have been introduced yet about biotech masks; no single and equivalent legislation exists for medical devices across the 121 countries where U-Mask is purchased and used.

The problems encountered in applying contradictory rules have led us to take the decision not to register U-Mask 2.2 as a MD (Medical Device) or PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), until the regulatory framework has been clarified, unless deemed necessary by the local authorities on a case by case basis.

That being said, we have continued testing on U-Mask over the past few months, working with world-leading laboratories. Our position is to continuously test the efficiency of every aspect of our masks, even if some tests are not mandatory because the preservation of your health is our first priority. Here are the latest updates: Particle Filtration Efficiency was measured at 98.50%. The PFE test measures how well it filters airborne particles such as pollen or dust. We received an excellent score on a particle diameter of 0.1 µm, which serves to confirm the U-Mask’s great filtration capabilities. 

U-Mask’s Bacterial Filtration Efficiency is also exceptional! BFE is a measure of a mask material's resistance to the penetration of bacteria and from the inside to the outside of the mask, the result was 99.73%. From the outside to the inside, the BFE was 99.71%. This shows that U-Mask bidirectionally counteracts the passage of external microorganisms. 

To ensure consistency, we perform a new BFE test on every new batch, to continuously monitor the efficiency of U-Mask. But there’s more! We’ve tested the masks both before use and right up to 200 hours, following the ISO procedures. And you know what? These are the results after aging:

  • Antiviral activity on Human coronavirus 229E based on UNI ISO 20743: 99.90%;
  • Antibacterial activity on Staphylococcus Aureus in accordance with UNI ISO 18184: 99.797%;
  • Antibacterial activity on Klebsiella Pneumonia in accordance with UNI ISO 18184: 99.861%.

This means that even up to 200 hours of use the Biolayer™ inside U-Mask 2.2 is still effective against viruses and bacteria proliferation. Moreover, the breathability and BFE remain similar up to 200 hours of use. So...we’ve got you covered, more than ever!

Please note that shipping begins Monday 17th May 2021 for all colours except the Jeans U-Mask, which will ship from Monday 24th May 2021.

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