What Blue Zones Can Teach Us About Living Longer

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For centuries, people have tried to unlock the secrets to a long life. But to get answers, why not go straight to the places that house the most centenarians in the world to learn their tips?  

These are Blue Zones – regions of the world thought to have a higher than usual number of people that live much longer than average. 

After extensive research, it’s been found that, despite being in completely different countries with different cultures and lifestyles, there are some commonalities within Blue Zones that could hold the secrets to a long, healthy life. 

Keep reading to discover what they are and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. 

What is a Blue Zone?

Identified by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain, the concept of a Blue Zone came about from research conducted in 2004. At its most simple, it focuses on areas that have a higher than average lifespan. For example, Sardinia’s Nuoro province was the first area identified because it has the most concentrated number of centenarians in the world.

How many Blue Zones are there?

According to current research, there are only five Blue Zones around the world. They can be found in:

  • Nuoro province, Sardinia, Italy
  • Islands of Okinawa, Japan
  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  • Icaria, Greece
  • Loma Linda, USA

The village of Seulo in Nuoro province has recorded 20 centenarians between 1996 and 2016, confirming it as the place where people live longest. Quite the feat considering that it has a population of fewer than 1000 people.

What Can We Learn From The Blue Zones About Health? 

While there are certain elements such as the natural environment and culture that have some part to play in the longevity of life within the Blue Zones, it is possible to identify some of the elements that create a healthy diet for those living in Nuovo province or Icaria.

The Blue Zone’s common denominators for good health and longer life expectancy are:

  1. Daily walking
  2. Eating until you are 80% full and eating the smallest meal in the early evening
  3. Stress-relieving daily practices like meditation or prayer
  4. A daily purpose
  5. A largely plant-based diet
  6. Strong social networks
  7. A spiritual practice
  8. Close family ties
  9. Modest consumption of red wine with dinner

By looking at these lifestyle factors, you can assess which of them already fit into your life and which you could incorporate. By mimicking the daily lives of those in the Blue Zones, it’s possible that you could also live to see your 100th birthday. 

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