8 ways U-Mask can benefit your business

Written by: U-Earth Store



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Do you ever worry about your employees' wellbeing? There's a lot going on in the world, and ensuring your employees are healthy and happy can not only keep them feeling valued but has the power to boost loyalty, productivity and therefore benefit your business, too. 

If your team are always on the go or if they work in an outdoor or highly polluted area, a key way to keep them safe is masks. While the pandemic may have subsided, there are still plenty of other reasons to wear a mask and doing so not only ensures their health is cared for but can reduce your business' waste and contribute to its success.

Here are 8 ways the U-Mask can do exactly that, specifically our Model 2.2 and Model 3.

1. Protect your team sustainably with U-Mask

When purchasing face masks, most people don't stop to consider the carbon impact that they have. The calculated monthly Carbon Footprint Equivalent (CFE) for production and usage of the U-Mask Model 2.2 is 0,21kg and 0.17kg for the U-Mask Model 3. For example, the Carbon Footprint of Model 3 on a monthly base use is only 16% of the average disposable FFP mask.

2. Make an impact

The U-Mask isn't created using new materials. The reusable non-toxic nylon cover is regenerated from the ocean and landfill waste, saving precious resources and creating a cleaner environment.  

3. Stay on brand

Your brand's identity unifies your employees and makes them feel part of something. To help you keep consistent, you can personalize each U-Mask with your logo and colors. This turns the U-Mask into a powerful brand asset with the potential to enhance your business

We offer a wide range of colors and printing techniques so that U-Mask can be personalized to the corporate image, ensuring employees are always on-brand.  

4. Save the oceans

With a U-Mask, you can prevent more disposable masks from entering our oceans. Each U-Mask 2.2 saves the ocean from 50 surgical masks, on average and the U-Mask Model 3 saves the ocean from 21 FFP masks, on average. That's a lot of saving!  

5. Use, reuse and wash

Our Model 2.2 can be worn for up to 200 hours and still provide the same level of protection as that first wear. But how many disposable masks or filters have you seen that can be washed? Well, the inner filter of U-Mask Model 3 is reusable and can be hand washed up to 20 times, at up to a 40°C. Cool, right?

6. Choose the style that fits you best

The Model 2.2 is perfect for everyday wear, such as travel or meeting with friends, and the Model 3 is ideal for professional environments, on public transport or where certified PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is requested.

7. Prevent respiratory diseases

U-Mask counteracts the passage of external microorganisms and aerosols. An active ingredient in the exclusive Biolayer® is capable of making the mask self-sanitizing and preventing bacterial proliferation. The Model 2.2 has more than 99% bacterial filtration capacity in both directions, and the Model 3 has an average of 99.96% PFE. To find out more, have a look at our robust testing and certificates.  

8. Make a purchase with a purpose

Every U-Mask purchased contributes to supporting U-Earth in its mission to protect our world from air pollution and the global distribution of Pure Air Zone hubs, empowering game-changing organizations and people who are committed to making clean air a human right.