Is U-Mask Expensive? How a premium mask is more affordable than a surgical mask

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Is U-Mask expensive? When used over the long term, it can have less impact on your bank balance and has benefits for the environment as well. Get up to speed with the maths and why not pick up a new refill as well, to keep you protected on vacation.

U-Mask has been spotted on politicians, celebrities and sports stars. It comes in a host of different colors and looks cool and fashionable. It has been called the F1 Mask or MotoGP mask (and can now be seen at SailGP and W Series)! There’s no doubt about it, U-Mask is a premium product but thankfully also provides affordable quality. A high-protection mask that is comfortable and well-designed, let’s answer the question once and for all - ‘Is U-Mask expensive?’

What is the real cost of a disposable mask?

There is a famous saying that says you should always spend money on quality products that keep you off the ground (with shoes, tires and mattresses being the primary examples). The idea is that you get what you pay for and that quality products last. Can you put a price on protecting yourself bi-directionally?

The impact on the environment

Perhaps masks should be added to the equation, especially as there are now

129 billion face masks are used per month with 3.4 billion thrown away each day, many of which are polluting the planet as the multiple plastic fibers that masks are primarily made from will take decades to break down.

The costs only get worse over time

The story doesn’t end there with these smaller microplastic particles polluting water and land for a long time to come. Whether an individual consumer or a company, you don’t want these statistics on your shoulders. It’s time for a disposable mask alternative, one that can offer savings to your wallet as well as the environment.

So is U-Mask expensive? Let’s calculate the true cost

Instant savings as U-Mask offers two-way protection

Surgical masks are affordable but don’t really work bidirectionally. That isn’t great no matter which way you work the numbers, especially when masks might not be mandatory in your area.

What if you are concerned about both the safety of the air around you and you would also like to benefit from higher protection for yourself? Your best option would be to use an FFP2 or N95 respirator mask, but again - they are terrible for the environment having to be thrown away after just one day of use. And even worse, they are pretty uncomfortable. They weren’t designed for a pandemic! For maximum antiviral protection, you would probably need to wear two masks - a surgical mask and an FFP2 - as many are doing in the most challenging situation, and that increases your costs.

U-Mask avoids the environmental costs of disposable masks

So it isn’t just about finding a cheaper and safer alternative to surgical masks, but also finding a more environmentally friendly alternative. Each ‘disposable’ surgical mask can be worn for up to 4 hours before needing to be thrown away. In contrast, U-Mask is scientifically proven and tested to last for at least 200 hours. That’s 1 U-Mask for every 50 surgical masks - a great disposable mask alternative. The impact is clear already! No wonder it’s the F1 mask of choice (and that’s before we consider how comfy and fashionable it is as well!).

The decreasing costs of U-Mask over time

Even so, there is of course a question of cost that many have to consider, especially during a pandemic when many are struggling economically. There is a myth that U-Mask is expensive but it works out to be more cost effective in the long run (and is also much more comfortable - no more sweaty chins!) Let’s break down the numbers:

  • Each surgical mask lasts for 4 hours and is roughly 50p;
  • Each U-Mask lasts for up to 200 hours and varies in price depending on local tax laws but let’s take the UK store price of £36;
  • To reach 200 hours of use, 50 surgical masks would be required at a cost of £25;

When looking for a disposable mask alternative, it’s important to think long-term, which is where the benefits of wearing a U-Mask really begin to add up.

U-Mask quickly becomes a cheaper alternative to surgical masks

After 200 hours, a new refill filter will be required for U-Mask. Again, let’s take the UK store cost of £18. The U-Mask cover is reusable so there is no need to purchase that again unless you are looking for a new colour.

So is U-Mask expensive? Not really. As we scale, the numbers become even more attractive:

It’s clear to see the cost savings over time, which may take a while to benefit a single consumer but are huge for a company or business that is providing masks to their employees over the long term. The savings are even more important than ever as the delta variant is causing concern globally and WHO guidelines suggest wearing masks for the foreseeable future, whether vaccinated or not.

The 10 benefits of wearing U-Mask vs Surgical masks

As we already mentioned, it isn’t just that U-Mask is a cheaper alternative to surgical masks, but that there are also many other benefits of wearing U-Mask as well. (And that’s even if we ignore other side benefits like people recognizing you wearing a cool ‘F1 mask’ or being able to leave the house without worrying if you’ve run out of new masks to wear.)

Let’s go into detail:

  1. The anti-proliferative BioLayer™ has been tested effective against Klebsiella pneumonia, staphylococcus aureus and human coronavirus across the whole lifetime of the refill filter;
  2. A huge impact on the planet - for every refill filter used, it’s 50 fewer disposable masks are thrown away;
  3. Each U-Mask cover is made from regenerated nylon, which has been taken from the ocean and landfill waste. Last year, 12,000kg was regenerated;
  4. Each U-Mask is produced by U-Earth in Italy on fully automated assembly lines with each production batch undergoing supervision and quality control so you always know that you will receive a high-quality product;
  5. Each U-Mask features an AI anti-counterfeit seal to avoid the accidental purchase of a counterfeit product produced elsewhere;
  6. The cover will last as long as your swimsuit (if you take good care of it);
  7. Each U-Mask is soft, comfortable and breathable, protecting bidirectionally (from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside);
  8. U-Mask is highly fashionable, worn by some of sport’s finest athletes and champions, both for protection and looks;
  9. U-Mask comes in a multitude of different colors to match your outfit;
  10. Every U-Mask purchased contributes to U-Earth’s ultimate mission to depollute the planet, providing safe air in public spaces via the Pure Air Zone global project, multi-award-winning technology that is a labeled solution from the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 Solutions for a Cleaner World.

U-Mask provides even more benefits for businesses

The benefits of wearing a U-Mask do not stop at the facts listed above, especially if you are a business owner or someone looking to protect staff and showcase your brand as both fashionable and concerned with the safety of employees. Come back soon for more information on why U-Mask is chosen by the best companies in the world.

In the meantime, make sure that you are enjoying all of the benefits of wearing U-Mask by purchasing a new refill filter so that you are all set for the rest of the summer.