Meet Petra: The New Model 3 Colour

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Are you ready to switch up your mask along with the new season? Welcome Petra to the U-Mask Model 3 collection – the perfect colour to match your autumn adventures, while protecting you against colds, flus, viruses and pollution. 

New colour, same protection

This new colour is the latest addition to the Model 3 collection. U-Mask Model 3 is an FFP2 mask that protects against atmospheric pollution – which kills about 9 million people a year – as well as protection against numerous infections and seasonal ailments.

U-Mask Model 3 provides protection against aerosols and microorganisms, achieving more than 99.96% PFE bacterial filtration.

An active ingredient in the exclusive Biolayer® is capable of making the mask self-sanitising and preventing bacterial proliferation. This makes it ideal for wearing in crowded places, such as transport, shops and events, which are usually overcrowded, and in areas where there is high pollution.

Inspired by the Ancient City

The new colour and name was inspired by the famous archaeological site in Jordan's southwestern desert. The versatile tone is made to suit an autumn/winter wardrobe and match your surroundings as crisp, Autumn leaves fall around you.

Protects you and the planet

Around 3 million disposable masks were used per minute during the pandemic, for a total of 129 million per month. The impact of these masks on the planet has been devastating, both for the environmental pollution, and for the enormous use of resources needed to produce them.

The cover of the Model 3 is made of 100% regenerated nylon, a material obtained from scraps of the ocean and plastic waste. This means it saves the ocean from 21 FFP masks, on average.

The carbon footprint of the Model 3 is 0.17kg, meaning that on a monthly base the use is only 16% of the average disposable FFP mask. Thanks to this production model, the company has managed to reduce the environmental impact of its production by 98%.

Shop the new U-Mask Petra.

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