U-Earth launches U-Mask Model 3, an FFP2 biotech face mask

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Introducing the newest FFP2 mask by U-Mask

U-Mask, the world’s leading biotech face mask, which has seen huge success in countries across Europe, the USA, the Middle East and China, announces the launch of its latest product - U-Mask Model 3, an FFP2 biotech face mask which provides specific protection against micro particles thanks to its new, special nanofiltration layer and improved enveloping design.

In response to huge consumer demand, U-Mask is proud to announce the launch of U-Mask Model 3, which has been officially certified by an Italian official certification body as a category III reusable PPE (Personal Protection Equipment - FFP2 R D) compliant - with EN 149:2001 + A1:2009. The FFP2 Protection Standard is the European version of the US N95. There has been no compromise on quality with U-Mask Model 3 continuing to boast all of the features that have made it such a hit with both consumers, motorsport fans, and companies worldwide - great design and high performance with sustainability at its heart. And now, with new variants emerging amidst the pandemic, a quality mask is one of the best ways to keep safe.

What colors are available?

Available to consumers in three of the most popular U-Mask colors at launch - Black, Babylon and Desert - U-Mask Model 3 is also available to be fully customized for company purchases with businesses able to add their logo to the cover alongside the iconic U branding, and pick from a multitude of shades within brand guidelines, also allowing companies to highlight their approach to sustainability and enhancing their ESG.

What are the materials and how long can I use it for?

With a filter powered by biotech and featuring a cover made of regenerated nylon recycled from the ocean and plastic waste, U-Mask Model 3 is different from most FFP2 masks by having an extremely low environmental impact and offering flawless comfort. It is effortlessly adaptable with three different sizes and the nose clip allows for a perfect fit, making it useful for a multitude of occasions including work, travel, and training.

The fashionable, ergonomic Italian design of U-Mask Model 3 empowers those who wear it while its washable cover ensures maximum use for the longest amount of time. The filter is able to be hand washed up to 20 times up to 40°, and refills can be purchased, urgently eliminating unnecessary landfill waste compared to a single-use disposable FFP mask.

What can I use an FFP2 mask for?

U-Mask Model 3 responds to the FFP2 R D EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard, which is suitable for professional use in situations that go beyond cross-contamination. Tested on superfine dust, this FFP2 mask can also be used in different conditions, such as when wildfire smoke travels to nearby cities, and to limit smog exposure while riding a Bike or motorbike on a traffic road.

How can I know my size?

U-Mask Model 3 is available in 3 sizes to allow maximum comfort and adherence to the face. The fit of the cover is a key element for excellent protection. For this reason, U-Earth has developed a biometric feature that scans a user’s face, recommending which of the three available sizes is most suitable for them. 

To find out your size, simply download the U-App (https://www.u-earth.eu/u-app) and click in the top right to start the scan.

More from the team:

Alberto Garbugio, Product lead at U-Earth Biotech comments

We are thrilled to be able to bring an FFP2 face mask to market,” said Alberto Garbugio, Product Lead at U-Earth Biotech, the company behind U-Mask. “We believe that U-Mask Model 3 is the ultimate in design, comfort and protection, stretching our product range and yet confirming our brand purpose: every U-Mask purchased helps support U-Earth in its mission to protect our world from air pollution and the global distribution of Pure Air Zone hubs.”

The CEO comment of this new FFP2 reusable mask.

“Sustainability is at the heart of U-Mask Model 3,” said Betta Maggio, CEO and Founder of U-Earth Biotech. “There are now more disposable masks in the ocean than jellyfish, and companies as well as individuals need to make a conscious effort to do better with buying decisions, helping to preserve the planet and its wildlife for future generations to enjoy. And of course, claiming the measurable impact in their sustainability reports.”