Where To Find The McLaren Face Mask

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Formula 1 drivers need their health to perform to the best of their ability and win. Their uniforms symbolise unity and pride, and wearing their team name acts as a badge of honour across all of their clothing, from their cap to their trousers.  

These teams also put paramount importance on performance and technical innovation, which extends to everything they wear, including face masks.  

If you’re a fan of McLaren, you might have noticed the face masks worn by the drivers, with their sleek design and branded colors. But who supplies these masks and how can you get one?

The official F1 McLaren Face Mask

The official McLaren face mask worn by the drivers in their team colours is the U-Mask. Chosen for its professional look, performance-based features and unbeatable protection against both viruses and pollutants, the cover has been specifically designed to match the team’s uniform, while the inner filter provides the utmost protection. 

What is the U-Mask?

U-Mask is the first biotech, reusable face mask that doesn’t just block contaminants, but captures and neutralizes them inside the mask using U-Earth’s unparalleled Biolayer. A new mask concept that combines modern style, optimal performance, superior comfort and social-environmental impact all in one. 

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Where Can You Buy the McLaren Face Mask by U-Mask?

Anyone who wants to gain the same level of comfort, style and protection as their favourite McLaren drivers can find the official Formula One team face mask on the McLaren website

However, you can also find a wide range of U-Mask designs here at the U-Earth Store by shopping the Model 2.2 and Model 3 in a variety of colours as well as the reusable filters. These masks are the same make and model worn by the McLaren team simply without the team branding. Instead, you can choose the colour that suits you best and stock up whenever you need to be protected. 

Unite Your Team with U-Mask

Teams that perform together, win together. And one of the best ways to boost morale and motivation among your team is by making them feel part of something. You can unite your team through branded items such as a face mask while making sure that everyone is protected and staying on brand wherever they are. 

The better the quality, the more likely it is that your team will wear it, which is why so many businesses have chosen the customisable U-Mask for their team. Not only can you personalize each one with your corporate logo and colors but with 99% protection and a hand-washable filter, your team’s well-being will be well looked after, too.