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Whether you’re travelling, working or trying to reduce sneezing during pollen season,

there are still so many reasons to wear masks

 U-Mask is one of the best protective face masks on the market and can be used to help defend you against a whole range of harmful particles and pathogens.

Our range includes the

U-Mask Models 2.2 and 3

, which have slightly different features. So, if you’re stuck on which to choose, this article compares the two so you can find the best one to match what you need it for.

Best Mask for Allergies and Illnesses

Alongside COVID and pollution, masks are a great way to protect against illnesses and allergies.

From the flu to asthma, if you want to avoid getting sick or stop your respiratory system from ingesting harmful particles, choosing the right mask is crucial.


U-Mask Model 2.2

achieves more than 99% bacterial filtration capacity, so it’s great for everyday use to prevent you getting ill. But the

U-Mask Model 3

provides an average filtration of 99.96% against very fine particles (0,02 - 2 um) including viruses and smog particles. So, if you suffer from allergies easily, or the air quality makes your asthma worse, the Model 3 will be able to protect you from particles that could be causing these symptoms.  

Best Face Mask for Flying

If you’re travelling by plane, many airline companies still require you to wear masks and, if not, many passengers still choose to wear them for their own safety and peace of mind. The U-Mask Model 2.2 provides 99% protection against bacteria (BFE) and acts against pathogens up to a maximum of 200 hours of respiratory use, so you’ll be well protected on a long-haul flight. As mentioned, however, the Model 3 also protects against the smallest airborne particles, including dust and smog. This means both are suited to travel, however the Model 3 provides greater protection against particles beyond bacteria, which you might find useful if you’re travelling somewhere with bad air quality.  

Best Face Mask for Everyday Travel

If you often use public transport to get around and you want to continue wearing a mask, the U-Mask Model 2.2 has been made for everyday use, while the U-Mask Model 3 is more suited to professional use.  

Best PPE Mask


U-Mask Model 3

is a FFP2 R D mask and is certified as category III reusable PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) compliant – with

EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

. This means it’s able to provide full protection any time PPE is needed. U-Mask Model 2.2 is classified as a Class 1, Type 2R MD (Medical Device) in European Countries and is sold as a general-purpose mask in the rest of the world. This means it’s not suitable for professional use in medical settings in some countries, but can be used in more general settings to provide antibacterial protection.  

Best Face Mask for Glasses Wearers

From steaming up to sliding down, wearing glasses with a mask can be a real pain. We’ve made the U-Mask with comfort for all in mind. An unseen anti-slip clip, which is resistant to washing, is applied to the refill of both the U-Mask Models at the bridge of the nose to make it even more adherent to the face, preventing it from sliding.

Best Mask for Dust

Whether you’re doing some DIY that creates dust, you live in a dusty environment or your work means you’re around this type of substance a lot, dust can really irritate your throat, affecting your breathing and causing coughing.

The inner filter of the Model 3 includes a high quality melt blown layer that offers specific protection against the smallest fine particles and dust, so this is the best model if you’re trying to protect yourself against this specifically.


The Best Sustainable Face Mask

Both U-Mask Models have been made for conscious shoppers who care about the planet.

The outer part (the cover) is made from 100% regenerated nylon, which is created using ocean and landfill waste. This means each U-Mask Model 2.2 saves the ocean from 50 surgical masks, on average and the U-Mask Model 3 saves the ocean from 21 FFP masks, on average.

The calculated monthly Carbon Footprint Equivalent (CFE) for production and usage of U-Mask Model 2.2 is 0,21kg and is 0.17kg for U-Mask Model 3. For example, ̋The Carbon Footprint of the Model 3 is only 16% of the average disposable FFP mask on a monthly basis.

The Model 3 can also be hand washed up to 20 times, making it much more environmentally friendly than other one-use, disposable masks.


Which Will You Choose?

Now you know which U-Mask is best for certain situations, the only thing you need to decide is which colour to get! Remember, if you’re a business, you can

customise the U-Mask Model 3

with your logo and custom colour, so your brand identity is strong, no matter where your employees are.

Shop U-Mask Model 3

Shop U-Mask Model 2.2

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