U-Earth BulbScan Test

Unlock your

body's secrets

With the BulbScan Test, you will finally get an overview of what your body needs and of what your cells say about you.

All in a Hair Bulb.

What does vibrant health really feel like?

Wellbeing and health are not about the absence of disease. Vibrant health is not something to conquer or lose, but rather a dynamic balance between the physical, biological, social, spiritual, mental, and environmental elements that a person goes through in life.

Everything around you becomes a part of you.

Discover the unknown

Are you feeling tired, confused, weak, or constantly unwell, and you don't know why?

Are you taking a bunch of supplements each day without knowing if they are truly effective?

Are you certain that you are properly addressing what your body is trying to communicate?

A totally new approach

This is not a regular hair test


Your "classic" hair stems test can be inaccurate because of hair dye, chemicals from shampoos, and the external environment. What we scan instead is the hair bulb, closer to a biopsy, using a patented technology similar to the one used by NASA to detect the presence of elements on distant planets.

Why choose the BulbScan Test?

a step towards better life

Feeling not at the top of your potential can be very frustrating. Occasional discomfort symptoms can underscore some kind of intoxication or deficit that, over time, can lead to more serious conditions.

The BulbScan test uncovers the excess or lack of key elements you have been exposed to in the last 1-3 months, which affect 99% of humans on this planet.

Introducing a new, painless test, revealing your levels of vitamins, heavy metals, amino acids, minerals, and providing your biological picture.

Dive deep into your metabolic history and get insights that can transform your life.

A Simple Test, Precise Results

A revolutionary approach in poly metabolic body discovery. Receive a kit at home to do your own sampling and send to our labs to get a super detailed report.

63 Elements Detected
Get to know your body
Understand your metabolism

Discover the 63 elements that are affecting your life.

The excess or lack of your metabolic building blocks can reveal what lies at the base of your discomfort.


 From Folic Acid to Vitamin K, discover 13 essential vitamins in excess or defect.


Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel, Lead, and Uranium in excess of defect.


Dive into 19 amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.


Discover your Physiological Minerals: Silver, Calcium, Cobalt, and 20 more in excess or defect.

The Roots of Your Metabolism

Our metabolism is a marvel of biological engineering, an intricate web of chemical reactions that powers every cell in our bodies. It is the process that turns the food we eat into energy, the basis of life itself. But have you ever wondered about the roots of this complex system? What makes our metabolism work, and how can we ensure that it works optimally?

That's where the BulbScan Test comes in, a revolutionary scientific approach that delves into the very essence of our metabolism. This test, with roots firmly planted in validated scientific principles, promises to uncover the secrets hidden within our cells and provide personalized solutions for better health and vitality.

The Hair Bulb

Exploring the power of the hair bulb as an indicator of our metabolic history, the BulbScan Test uses the dark-field polarized light microscopy technique to reveal signs of metabolic dysfunction.

It is not a hair test, so we do not analyze the presence of substances in the hair shaft, but only the hair bulb, whose intracellular contents are our body's biological memory.

As an intradermal structure, the bulb stores trace elements in substantial quantities for an extended period. By analyzing the bulb, we can not only observe the current situation but also gain an overview of the metabolic history over the past few months.

Moreover, the bulb is a metabolically active organ indicative of the dysfunctional variables of metabolic processes. It is a LIVE organ concerning the hair shaft, and therefore differs from the mineralogram (which analyzes ONLY minerals, and is not repeatable because there is incineration of the hair).

The Analysis

Based on 35 years of study
Report with Medical Signature
Scientifically Validated

Your Wellbeing at 360°

This analysis provides a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative view of the intracellular contents in the hair bulb. We not only identify what is lacking but also specify the exact amount of each substance, presenting it as a percentage that reflects its presence throughout the body.

The advanced laboratory technique, dark-field polarized light chromatographic microscopy, unveils the presence of elements through the absorption of specific wavelengths.

A quick and simple test

The test is painless, taking 15 samples from different areas of the head. The minimum length required is only 4-5 mm.

Simply follow these 6 steps:

1. Shop the test kit

Go to the product page and purchase the test as you would with any other Hyper Health product

2. Receive the sampling kit

You will receive a box with all that is necessary to sample the bulbs and ship them back

3. follow the instructions

You will find clear instructions on how to extract hair bulbs from the head, beard or chest

4. Package sample return

Package the bulbs in the provided envelope and seal. Place in the box provided for lab returning.


Reserve the pick up of the sample from your home by instructing the shipping company on the link provided.

6. personalised report

Within 10 days of the lab receiving the sample you will get an email with the PDF report.







€657 (save €117)

=€328 per test




€927 (save €234)

= €309 per test