Our Story

How Everything Started

The birth of U-Mask

In 2014, U-Earth Biotech created an innovative protective face mask called U-Mask Model 1 to equip its engineers and staff while travelling and visiting polluted places. Then, in 2015 the online store "U-Mask Store" was born to cater individuals sensitive to air pollution.

The Launch of U-Mask Model 2

In the summer of 2019, we started working on a new, more comfortable and stylish protective face mask. We launched right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and after it has been an immediate success.

Thanks to its innovative features and looks, U-Mask took off thanks to word-of-mouth. We shipped to 120+ countries and was worn by F1 Teams, Sports Teams, companies, and celebrities all over the world.

Rebranding and Hyper-U

In August of 2022, U-Mask Store rebranded to U-Earth Store to start focusing on health at 360°. At the same time, we launched Hyper-U – the limitless supplement – and started diving into the world of Hyper Health.

U-Earth Store & Hyper Health

From this point onwards, we dedicated our focus to developing Hyper Health products in an ever expanding protocol. Our goal is to keep work with great partners to double down on research and develop next-generation products for a healthy lifestyle.