Rebirth Biomimetic Skincare

A new silky layer of skin for a deep renewal

A Skin revolution

Biotech Skin Rejuvenation

Welcome to a world where age is truly just a number. Presenting the Rebirth Biomimetic Face Cream – your ally in the battle against time and environmental damage. A revolutionary formula straight from the cutting-edge field of biotechnology, Rebirth embodies a multi-faceted strategy for skin rejuvenation.

It is a transformative solution that compacts skin structure, reduces wrinkle depth, fights free radicals and UV radiation damage, and, most importantly, infuses your skin with a youthful radiance.

The Transformation

REBIRTH isn’t merely a skincare product. It is a pathway to skin renewal, a transformative journey that turns back the clock on your skin. Using active ingredients such as growth factors, our cream stimulates the production of new epidermal cells, accelerating skin turnover and providing a smoother and fresher appearance day by day.

How Rebirth Works

The cream rebuilds the skin’s subcutaneous structure, resulting in a plumping and smoothing effect on wrinkles. Moreover, it counteracts the oxidative ageing process mediated by free radicals and UV radiation, making your skin resilient against damage. With REBIRTH, experience a visible improvement in your skin's texture and a radiant, youthful glow.


Rich in powerful ingredients

Rebirth is packed of ingredients chosen either for their similar composition to the human skin of because or thei epigenetic properties which trigger the genes to positively react to renewal instead of ageing because affected by negative epigenetic factors such as air pollution and toxines circulating in the body as age progresses.

growth factors

 They are our revolutionary proteins that stimulate collagen, elastin, and laminin production, regulating key elements of the extracellular matrix. With their ability to respond to tissue damage, they expedite the healing process and promote healthy tissue growth.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in the form of the ester palmitate is cleaved by skin esterases to release retinol. It improves skin elasticity, stimulates the malpighian layer and reduces photoaging damage.

Liposomes of lipoic acid & Coenzyme Q10

Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant with anti-ageing and sun-induced damage repair effects. The anti-oxidant action is enhanced by the presence of coenzymeQ10.

SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)

 This enzyme acts as a shield against UV damage and lipid peroxidation, reducing erythema and environmental effects on the skin. It also enhances the benefits of sunscreen products.


These lipid molecules fill the spaces between skin cells, maintaining skin hydration and elasticity, and preventing the ingress of harmful substances. As we age, our skin loses ceramides, but our bio-identical ceramides replenish these, restoring the skin's natural barrier.

Bioliquefied Lycopene

This powerful antioxidant protects proteins in the extracellular matrix, inhibits the damaging effects of UV exposure, and improves skin hydration. Our lycopene also strengthens intercellular contacts, protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation.

Hyaluronic Acid Association

The two forms of hyaluronic acid in our formula penetrate the skin at different levels, offering a lifting effect and instant smoothing of wrinkles and expression lines. It maintains optimal hydration, providing firmness, tone, and elasticity to your skin.

Biomimetic Peptides

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 in our cream stimulate the synthesis of collagen and other extracellular matrix components. These peptides are like messengers that regulate the sequence of events required to repair age-related skin damage.


Biomimetic ingredient, exact replica of the skin's natural matrikines. Acts by regulating the skin's repair activities. Activates more than 15 genes in fibroblasts responsible for increasing skin density and reducing wrinkle depth Among the genes stimulated are TIMP1 (metalloproteinase 1 inhibitor), procollagen 3 (fibronectin precursor) and tenacity. It also reduces the expression of IL6.

Spirulina extract

This extraordinary micro-algae extract is a moisture booster that enhances the skin's barrier function. It provides anti-ageing benefits, oiliness control, and a youthful, radiant appearance. Its potent tyrosinase-inhibiting potential promotes a radiant and even skin tone, free from imperfections.

Palmytoyl Tripeptide-5.

Experience the transformative power of Palmytoyl Tripeptide-5. Rebirth formula harnesses the potency of Thrombospondin, stimulating collagen synthesis through TGF-Beta activation. Combat skin aging and UV damage with increased elasticity, reduced fragility, and diminished wrinkles. Watch your skin rejuvenate with the magic of collagen.


A biomimetic ingredient that mimics the biological action by which type I collagen synthesis is induced, thus helping to compensate for the breakdown caused by external agents. SIG2-Peptide activates the TGF-beta gene, key to the creation of collagen.

Fact Checking

If you tend to trust a product only on its appearance without investigating the content, you should start doing so. The list of ingredients is in order of percentage of ingredient amount. This substantially means the ingredients more present are the first ones on the list decreasing in quantity the more you reach the bottom.



Parabens are the second most present ingredient


Petrolatum is the second most present ingredient

Silicon is the third most present ingredient.


traces of Silicon (< 0,1%)

How to use Rebirth

Feel the difference as REBIRTH works its magic, transforming your skin day by day, revitalising it from within. Let your skin experience the true genetic rebirth it deserves. Apply REBIRTH to cleansed face until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.