Quality & Sustainability

Made in Italy, with love.

Quality Check

On every single U-Mask

For us, quality is essential, which is why every single U-Mask is subjected to a careful quality inspection at the production site to comply with the Medical Device and FFP2 production standards.

Filtration Test

On every production batch

We want to ensure that each of our products complies with the relevant regulations. For this reason, we carry out a BFE test (Bacterial Filtration Test – U-Mask Model 2.2) or PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency – U-Mask Model 3) on every production batch.

A focus on hygene

Handled with care

Masks are a delicate product that must be produced in suitable environments and in compliance with the latest hygiene regulations.

U-Mask adopts all necessary measures and guarantees the finest hygienic standards.

the production area

Where it all begins

We have decided to transform the production area into a Pure Air Zone - an area with clean air - reinforcing our mission to give access to clean air to all. All our U-Masks are made in Italy.

U-Mask is unique

Beautiful things are often copied, but they are never the same. Since U-Mask 2.1, we have introduced a new tool to ensure that your mask is authentic. The packaging of each U-Mask has an anti-counterfeiting label, allowing you to verify its authenticity. ​ 

Each label corresponds to a single fingerprint, chemically generated thanks to an innovative system. Each signature is photographed and sent to the cloud.


By photographing the label, the corresponding data set is analysed by artificial intelligence software to identify and track the non-authentic products or confirm that your U-Mask is original.

Anti counterfeit seal

Each product is equipped with an anti-counterfeiting seal,

based on an innovative artificial intelligence system,

to guarantee the authenticity of U-Mask.

U-Earth product developement

Created with the planet in mind

Everything with do is with the planet in mind. This is our mission. Learn mote on our sustainability strategy.

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Every Problem has a U-Mask solution!

There are so many situations in which wearing a mask can help your health. U-Mask is one of the best protective face masks on the market and can be used...