U-Go by Ugo Cacciatori and U-Mask is out now!

Written by: U-Earth Store



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We are extremely excited to be able to announce the release of our new product, U-Go. A collaboration between U-Mask and Ugo Cacciatori, U-Go is a companion piece to our biotech face mask, a stylish and elegant addition to carry your U-Mask when not in use. An encounter between eco-friendly packaging and design, each U-Go comes with a special edition black-on-black U-Mask.

Available in four colors, Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Black Diamond, and Blue Sapphire, U-Go features Ugo Cacciatori’s trademark style and exemplifies our commitment to the planet and sustainability. The external material is polyester, 96% of which is post-consumer recycled polyester.

Traditionally styled clothes are already made in Tuscany using recycled wool and, since the material that needs to be recycled most is currently plastic, U-Go has been made with used plastic bottles. The ‘U’ on each U-Go is a solid brass clip beautifully presented with sterling silver leaves, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Internally, U-Go benefits from 100% cellulose bellows fabric, which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Meanwhile, the packaging has also been certified by the FSC, a cellulose cardboard box assembled with metal staples - no glues or adhesives of any kind!

u-go by ugo cacciatori and u-mask

Not only for carrying U-Mask, U-Go has been designed for travel and for meeting a modern customer’s needs; it comfortably holds a passport, credit and debit cards, mobile phone, keys and other important items that you wish to keep close at hand. No more plastic bags necessary and designed to appeal to all. Made in Italy, this is a European product that has a reduced carbon footprint. It may be small but its impact on the planet is significant. This the perfect way to showcase your commitment to the environment, we hope that you love U-Go just as much as we do.

U-Go is a wish for the future - a way to carry a message - one that aims to plant the seed of awareness and care for the environment we all call our home. U-Go evokes the shape of an envelope and it is an example of how research and innovation can lead us to create beautiful and resistant eco-friendly products.