U-Mask Launches in China

Written by: U-Earth Store



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It’s really happening! Today we are launching our very own Chinese online store with an exclusive Chinese U-Mask range in red and yellow being instantly available to all.

Is U-Mask China a physical or digital store?

Like much of the world, the U-Mask launch in China will be purely digital. With social media accounts already up and running on WeiboWeChat and Red, you are already able to follow news about the brand, and we are excited to now offer U-Mask to Chinese residents as well thanks to our storefront on the popular website TMall.

What do the Chinese characters mean on U-Mask Tiger and U-Mask Fortune?

Good spot! Both U-Mask Fortune and U-Mask Tiger feature Chinese characters alongside the iconic ‘U’ branding. These mean Yan and Huang respectively. Yan means rising flame while Huang simply means yellow. When taken together though, Yan Huang means China, which is the perfect way to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and the U-Mask launch in China.

Chinese citizens often refer to themselves as descendants of Yan Huang; this was the name of a tribe in ancient China that inhabited the Yellow River basin area. They are often thought of as the founders of the Chinese people and initiators of Chinese culture.

Which other U-Mask colours will be available in the Chinese U-Mask store?

At launch, we are delighted to be able to offer all of the currently available U-Mask colours except for Pine and the Earth capsule collection. Whether you are an Admiral, Black or Caprera fan, we hope there is something that takes your fancy.

Are there any plans to launch in other countries?

There are no current plans to offer other digital storefronts at this time. If you are looking to purchase a U-Mask for yourself or others, we already offer the UK and International store, EU store for those within mainland Europe and the Italian store. Head to your relevant store to buy U-Mask and replaceable refill filters to ensure that you stay protected for longer.

What are the Chinese exclusive U-Masks?

Coinciding with the brand’s official launch of the Chinese store, U-Mask will offer red and yellow U-Masks.

You may have read last week that 2022 is the Year of the Tiger and the U-Mask designs reflect this with U-Mask Fortune in red and U-Mask Tiger in yellow. U-Mask Tiger is available as an extremely limited edition and can only be purchased on the Chinese, Italian, and International stores.