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Our planet needs us to fight its corner. What if a garment range could start a revolution by wearing what you believe in? Introducing U-Clothing – a limited edition, 100% sustainable collection that lets your voice be heard, with slogans chosen by our community. 

Each year, around 4 million tonnes of textile waste ends up in landfills across Europe and most of the clothing that’s produced is made by garment workers who endure long hours and unsafe working conditions. Combine this with the fact that 99% of people breathe unsafe air and it’s easy to see why we would want to do something about it. 

Why is U-Clothing special?

The U-Clothing range is a 100% sustainable, unisex clothing that aims to reduce the impact that the fashion industry has on people and the planet while spreading vital awareness of environmental issues through bold messaging. 

The range gives people the opportunity to take action through their purchase (because of how the garments are made) and by wearing the clothes (by engaging society through the slogans). 

We call it wearable activism. 

u-clothing sustainable tshirt and hoodie by u-earth


Pollution hates trees. So, we’re planting more of them. For every garment sold, we’ll plant one tree, meaning each purchase will trigger a measurable action for good and create an even bigger environmental impact.

Wear Your Values, Show Up For The Planet

We asked 5000 of our VIU community to co-create a new sustainable product with us and asked what statement they wanted to make to stand for change.

The chosen slogans were the most popular answers – so we made it happen.

We wanted to give people an easy, everyday way to show they care, wear what they believe in and become a source of motivation to onlookers who will hopefully seek knowledge on the issues and take action themselves.

One voice fades, but many voices make an echo. U-Clothing is made to create a movement of many voices acting together. To say you care, to let your voice be heard.

Can we start a revolution by wearing what we stand for? 

How is U-Clothing sustainable? 

They Champion the Environment

Each garment in the collection is made using a blend of recycled organic cotton and raw organic cotton with a small percentage of recycled polyester added to the hoodies.

To make recycled organic cotton, leftover cotton cuttings are transported to a spinning mill where they are finely shredded before being blended with virgin organic cotton. These fibers are then twisted and spun into new yarn, which is knitted into durable fabric.

The processes used to make recycled clothing not only saves valuable resources like water and energy and avoids harmful chemicals like pesticides and dyes, but also helps to divert the tons of fabric and plastic waste that ends up in landfill each year. 

The garments carry both the 100 by Oeko-tex® Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard and they are PETA Approved Vegan.

u-clothing sustainable tshirt and hoodie by u-earth

They’re Made Fairly

The garments are made fairly by garment workers in Bangladesh with support from an organisation that audits factories and supports trade unions to improve working conditions. This means the clothes are made by people who have freely chosen employment, are paid a living wage, work in safe and healthy conditions and work reasonable hours, among other labour standards.

The textile industry in Bangladesh has helped to lift 20 million people out of poverty in the last 20 years. By purchasing these products, you are helping to support suppliers that are changing the story for garment workers. 

u-clothing sustainable tshirt and hoodie by u-earth

Who can wear U-Clothing?

Sustainability and style have no gender. That’s why this range is completely unisex. 

We made this collection to allow anyone to spread awareness in a planet-positive way, without being held back by gender norms.So no matter who you are, you can make a statement in comfortable clothing that suits you (and your radical beliefs). 

Join the Slow Fashion Movement 

U-Clothing is available to buy now. Help us spread the message and tag us on IG @u.earth.store with the hashtag #TreeForATree