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Sky Tempesta Racing is proud to wear their very own customized U-Mask both in the paddock and out on track.

Who is Sky Tempesta Racing?

Sky Tempesta Racing is an independent team that has taken the European sports car racing world by storm. Founded by racing driver Chris Froggatt in 2017, he and his mentor Eddie Cheever III combined to compete in the prestigious Ferrari Challenge Europe 2017 before returning to claim the championship title in 2018. From there, GT3 racing followed and by 2020, Sky Tempesta Racing was crowned the GT World Challenge European Sprint PRO-AM Champions and Overall PRO-AM Champions.

Sky Tempesta Racing aims to be carbon neutral

“We are very proud to be partnered with U-Earth, especially considering their bioreactor product [the AIRcel 70, which can be seen in the paddock on race days],” says Chris Frogatt, talking from the U-Store in central London. “It is helping us achieve our long-term goal of being carbon neutral and these bioreactors are helping us get closer to air purity.”

Sky Tempesta isn’t the first team in motorsport to have seen the benefits of ensuring that their paddock is a Pure Air Zone on race days with the likes of Suzuki managing to win the MotoGP championship after partnering with U-Earth. The merits of clean air in sport cannot be underestimated.

The clean air offered by Pure Air Zone improves performance

“Breathing fresh air… I feel like there is a real difference in your performance,” Chris continues, you feel much cleaner, more alive and more energetic.” This is certainly something that U-Earth strives to achieve with its biotech-powered commercial air purifiers, the innovative aspect of which is powered by nature.

“It’s a huge part of not only my personal life enjoyment but training as well.”

U-Mask enhances the Sky Tempesta brand

It is well known that U-Mask offers protection against contaminants and pathogens including viruses and bacteria, but there is another reason that the brand has proven so popular throughout motorsport - its style.

“We are very strict with our team guidelines and making sure that everybody does the necessary to stay safe,” adds Chris as he notes how proud he is of the customized U-Mask worn throughout Sky Tempesta Racing, “U-Mask is essential in allowing us to do that, and we feel a lot safer knowing that everyone wears them. [Also] it’s a cool mask to wear… For me, it certainly is the coolest looking.”

Creating less waste and breathing the future with U-Mask Sold to 129 different countries around the world, U-Mask lasts for a lot longer than surgical masks; for every U-Mask used, that is roughly 49 masks that can be saved from landfill. “The fact it lasts over 200 hours with a single filter… For me it’s very important that we are not using single-use products, creating more waste,” concludes Chris, “[For] our sustainability, it’s a great point.” 

You can watch the full video of Sky Tempesta Racing driver Chris Froggatt talking from our U-Store below.