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"Everything you need to thrive is available in nature, it's just a matter of finding it and empowering it. As Biotech and DNA experts this is what we do".

Betta Maggio, U-Earth CEO

Based on epigenetics

Everything around you is affecting your health. Stress, toxins, air pollution.

Everything happening around you matters. At a very deep DNA level. What you are experiencing, the environment you are living in, the air you are breathing, the food you are eating, when you get upset. All these factors can change the expressions of your genes, for the best or for the worst. Our mission is to help you thrive in a difficult world with the best products we could create with your success as a goal.

What is Your Goal?

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A Science-Based Focus on what works for you

You are unique.

This is why what works for you might not work for others.

It's all about the building blocks we are made of, our DNA, and how the life we lead is affecting our genes.

Our experts teamed up to set up a personalised scientific protocol based on what works.

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Hyper-U is the natural version of the "Limitless pill". A unique premium biotech daily supplement designed to help you reach your ultimate mental and physical potential while reducing anxiety and relieving fatigue.

Built for those with uncompromising standards for performance, Hyper-U harnesses the power of carefully selected, natural ingredients such as RodioX2©, phycocyanin and Spiralox© to deliver incomparable benefits, while unmatched bioavailability increases the absorption of the nutrients, vitamins, and energy per dose. 

Made in Italy from excellent quality sources for the best possible results.

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Who said that wearing a mask is uncomfortable and makes you look ugly? With U-Mask we changed completely this narrative. A PPE FFP2 can be both stylish and sustainable.

The perfect accessory for your daily air pollution protection. Whether your concern is protecting from cross contamination or smog U-Mask will get you covered with its two models in three sizes.

Worn by celebrities, sports teams and people across the world, U-Mask Model 2.2 and U-Mask Model 3 offer great protection against viruses and bacteria*

*Check the models for specific protection information and certifications

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SpiralOx Flakes and Tabs

Spirulina is one of the most complete and rich superfoods on the planet. There are hundreds of scientific studies which show remarkable improvement in chronic conditions and general wellbeing.

SpiralOx is a very special kind of Spirulina. It is Pure, Organic an grown in the Blue Zone in Sardinia, the land of centenaries and longevity.

Six Tabs a day or a teaspoon of Flakes on your salad or in your smoothie are the perfect aid to help detox and restore wellbeing and maintain a vibrant health.



Biomimetic Skincare

What if you could wear a new layer of skin on top of yours every morning? And lock the hydration and youth of your skin for years to come?

And every night nurture your skin with the genetic building block elements it needs to go through a profound "Resurrection"?

Designed by gene experts U-Earth Biomimetic Skincare is a Biotech revolution in the skincare industry. Created to match the same DNA of human skin and to trigger cell repair, this new skincare protocol feels like nothing you have tried before.

Packed with nutrients and free form all nasty preservatives and co-formulants it feels like your own skin.


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