What if you could be your best self every day? 

Hyper-U isn’t a short-term solution. It provides long-lasting effects that improve your performance over time. 

Boost your energy. Unlock productivity. Manage stress. Reduce anxiety.

Live like a hyper performer. 

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Every daily dose of Hyper-U is designed to unlock your true potential and take your performance to mind-blowing heights while supporting long-term health. It does this by helping you in three core areas

1. Limitless Productivity

Enhance Your Energy

Experience a boost of physical energy and emotional stability with the stamina to last longer than ever without artificial ingredients, crashes or caffeine.

2. limitless mindfulness

Reduce anxiety

Become grounded in a state of Zen-like calmness, serenity and inner peace that’ll melt away stress and lift your mood.

3. limitless sharpness

Improve Focus

Elevate your mental agility, quickness and ability to react in real-time while keeping focused and overcoming anxiety.


High Bioavailability

Bioavailability allows your body to absorb nutrients, vitamins and energy. Enhanced bioavailability means higher bodily absorption per dose. The better it is, the stronger the effect. Hyper-U’s ingredients have the highest bioavailability on the market so you can experience this extraordinary response and feel every part of its benefits.

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What’s the difference between the everyday person and a champion? 

Their response to stress. 

By increasing your concentration, clarity and calmness progressively, Hyper-U is able to put you in a unique state of mind, not only changing the way you see the world, but also how you respond to stress triggers. 

The result? The ability to live life to its absolute fullest, free from stress, anxiety and fatigue. 

That’s the life of a hyper performer. 

How does it really work?

Rhodiola Rosea

Bodily reactions: 

• Unblocks blood vessel to improve blood flow

• Regulates heartbeat 

• Protects cells from damage

This helps to: 

• Combat burnout 

• Increase energy

• Manage anxiety and depression

• Increase the body’s resistance to stress

• Reduce fatigue and improve concentration

• Increase mental performance during mentally stressful and physically strenuous times.


Bodily reactions: 

• Maintains immune system strength 

• Improved oxygen flow 

• Reduces inflammation 

• High composition of amino acids

This helps to: 

• Reduce allergies

• Allow your body’s functions

• Improve muscle strength and endurance


Bodily reactions:

• Vitamin B1, B2 and B3 convert food into energy

• Iron and copper enables the body to form red blood cells

• Magnesium keeps blood pressure normal 

• Potassium contributes to heart health

• Manganese utilises other vitamins 

This helps to: 

• Boost energy levels 

• Maintain healthy bones and blood vessels

• Strengthen the immune system 

• Improve immune response

• Regulate brain activity

• Lower cholesterol levels

• May reduce blood pressure

• Improve symptoms of allergic rhinitis

• May aid blood sugar control

Are you ready to transform your life?

Health is the most important thing you have. Hyper-U takes your health to the next level, allowing you to achieve things you never knew possible. 

People always regret the things they haven’t done – will you be one of them?

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