BulbScan Test -
How it works

The BulbScan Test process: from hair to wellbeing insights

collect a few bulbs

Step 1: Hair Bulb Sampling

Your journey begins with a simple hair bulb sampling you wll do on your own.

  • Diverse Sampling: Bulbs are taken from different areas of the head (at least 15 bulbs from 3 different areas), ensuring a comprehensive representation of your metabolic history.
  • Precision Matters: The focus is on the bulb, not the shaft, to capture the most accurate metabolic data.
  • everything you need is in the box. See the video instructions for more.

Send them to our labs

Step 2: Analysis

Once we have the samples, they undergo a meticulous analysis process.

  • Untouched and Pure: Samples are neither treated nor manipulated, preserving their natural state.
  • Polarized Light Microscopy: Placed on a slide, the samples are analyzed under a polarized light microscope, revealing the unique color spectrum of the elements present.

Health decoding scan

Step 3: Decoding the Colors

The colors seen under the microscope are not just beautiful patterns; they're a coded language of your health.

  • Element identification: each color corresponds to specific elements and their concentrations, allowing us to identify the myriad of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids in the bulb.
  • Software assisted decoding: using sophisticated algorithms and dedicated software, the color patterns are translated into actionable health insights.

personalised reporting

Step 4: Comprehensive Report Generation

Post-analysis, a detailed report is generated.

  • Element Breakdown: From heavy metals to amino acids, get a comprehensive view of the elements present in your system.
  • Health Insights: The report doesn't just list the elements; it provides insights and areas of improvement.

Step 5: Personalised Recommendations

Armed with the insights from the BulbScan Test, you're not left in the dark.

  • Tailored Advice: Based on the test results, receive personalized recommendations to optimize your health.
  • Actionable Steps: Whether it's dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, or specific treatments, get clear guidance on the next steps..

Your trust is paramount.

We treat data safety seriously

Safe Procedures

All procedures, from sampling to analysis, are conducted following the highest safety standards.

Data Privacy

Your test results and personal data are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are never shared without your consent.

A Step Towards a Better Life

The BulbScan Test is a seamless blend of science and technology, designed to offer you a clear window into your health. With a simple hair bulb sample, unlock a world of insights and embark on a journey towards optimal well-being.

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Scientifically Validated

Ready to Experience the BulbScan Difference?


Follow the easy steps in this video

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A quick and simple test recap

The test is painless, taking 5 samples from different areas of the head. The minimum length required is only 4-5 mm.

Simply follow these 6 steps:

Purchase the test

Go to the product page and purchase the test as you would with any other Hyper Health product.

Receive the sampling kit

You will receive a box with all that is necessary to sample the bulbs and ship them back.


You will find clear instructions on how to extract hair bulbs from the head, beard or chest.

Package sample return

Package the bulbs in the provided envelope and seal. Place in the box provided for lab returning.

Order pick up

Reserve the pick up of the sample from your home by instructing the shipping company on the link provided.

Personalised report

Within 2 weeks from the lab receiving the sample you will get a mail with your PDF report.


The BulbScan Test (BST) is a cutting-edge tool that analyses the hair bulb to provide a comprehensive overview of your body's metabolic history and current state. It evaluates nutritional minerals, toxic metals, vitamins, and amino acids in your body.

The BulbScan Test aims to investigate the overall picture of your state and to target nutrition and the possible use of supplements to the physical and sporting activities practised. In addition to this, it considers the impact of environmental pollution on the individual's general well-being.

Unlike blood or urine tests that only show the current state of circulating elements, the BST provides an analysis of both circulating and stored elements in the body, offering a broader and more stable picture of your state in the last 1-3 months.

The test analyzes 8 heavy metals, 23 physiological minerals, 13 vitamins, and 19 amino acids. It does not detect narcotic or doping substances.

The test is beneficial for anyone interested in a comprehensive wellbeing assessment. It's particularly useful for individuals experiencing unexplained symptoms like fatigue, digestive issues, or muscle pain, and those exposed to environmental pollutants or certain medications.

No, the test is non-invasive. It involves analyzing the hair bulb, which is a painless process.

The hair bulb is extracted by you directly using the tool provided in the sampling kit, and can be plugged from the head (preferable) or from the beard or the chest.

The BST employs advanced technology and algorithms by BMT Technology. However, it should be considered alongside other diagnostic tools and medical advice.

The time to receive results can vary. On average 10 days from when the sample has been received from our lab.

The BST is a diagnostic tool that provides valuable health insights but is not designed to diagnose diseases on its own. It should be used in conjunction with other medical evaluations and consultations.

No special preparation is needed. However, it's advisable to follow the specific instructions provided in the box and sample at least 3 hairs where the bulb is visible. You can check this by using the magnifying glass provided in the sampling box.

At the moment the only place where this test is available is on the U-Earth.store online store.

Coverage can vary depending on your insurance plan and region. It's recommended to check with your insurance provider for details.

The report will contain an extensive explanation on the possible causes of the elements that are outside the normal range.

However the results should be interpreted by a healthcare professional who can provide a comprehensive understanding and guide you on any necessary steps or treatments based on the findings.

Yes, the test is suitable for individuals of all ages, including children. However, it's important to discuss with a pediatrician or healthcare provider to understand its relevance and implications for a child's health.

The test is non-invasive and generally considered safe with no known side effects or risks. It involves collecting a small sample of hair from the root for analysis.

The frequency of the test depends on individual health needs and conditions.For an extensive coverage the test can be done as close as every 3 to 4 months. It's best to consult with your healthcare provider for personalised advice.

Yes, by providing detailed information about vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in your body, the BST can be a valuable tool in creating a personalised nutrition plan.

The test can detect the presence of heavy metals and other toxic substances, which can indicate exposure to environmental toxins.

Yes, the test can be a useful tool for tracking changes and improvements in your health, especially if you are undergoing treatment or making lifestyle changes.

A small sample of hair is collected from the scalp. The procedure is quick and painless. Please follow the instructions in the video or in the leaflet in the box.

Yes, you can still take the test. Differently from other traditional Hair Tests this test is done on the bulb, not the hair stem. This part is unaffected by superficial treatments.