DNA Skin regeneration

Science-driven Results

Skincare approached from a different angle, the scientific one.

different from what you are using

Unleash the True Power of Skin Regeneration

Our unique approach prioritises the replacement of your skin, not its repair. The skincare industry is filled with products that merely address surface-level issues. We delve deeper. We stimulate new skin growth, accelerate skin turnover, and awaken your skin's own regenerative powers. Experience the feeling of being reborn every day.

Simply Put: no comparison

At U-Earth we are Biotech people. We are not investing in expensive and not sustainable packaging of celebrity testimonials to endorse our products. We invest in research, partnering with industry experts who like to see things differently. Based on science.

Compare with industry standards

the future of skincare

U-Earth Biomimetic Skincare: a different approach

Instead of churning out hundreds of different products, we decided to deliver transformations. U-Earth replaced unnecessary fillers and harmful substances with potent, active principles. Our formulas are packed with natural and bio-mimetic ingredients that work harmoniously with your skin, not against it. Our products are not just made, they are meticulously crafted.

Resurrection and Rebirth are more than luxury skincare products. They're a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative, and transformative biotech solutions. This is the future of skincare, based on epigenetic, and you are an integral part of it.


Created to deliver results

360° benefits for a second layer of human skin.

15 years of genetic studies

Ageing is a genetic matter

A lot of brands concentrate on the signs of ageing instead of going to the root of the causes generating premature ageing. Did you know that 40% of the quality of your skin depends on genetics?

Yes, the skin is a complex organ with an innate potential for regeneration regulated by genes: they influence the appearance of your skin between 41% and 60%.

Our experts have been studying since 2009 how genes and environment intertwine to find better solutions based on epigenetics and this is what they created.

We found active ingredients that can regulate key genes for maintaining young, healthy skin.
We put them in a formulation free of controversial or unnecessary ingredients, that literally act as a second layer of skin which nurtures and protects.

Silk and velvet textures

Tangible benefits at your fingertips

Rebirth and Resurrection creams don't just transform your skin - they transform your relationship with your skin

Rediscover the youthful radiance, texture, and firmness your skin once had. Let these luxurious creams redefine your skincare routine, enhancing your skin's vitality and health in a way no other product can.

A DIFFERENCE YOu can feel from day 1

A Difference You Can Feel, from day 1

U-Earth Biomimetic cremes are not skincare, they are Biotech Skin Science. Rebirth and Resurrection are more than products, they're experiences. Witness the magic of a potent transformation as your skin reclaims its youthful radiance, firmness, and resilience. Smooth away wrinkles and blemishes, unveil a skin structure that’s compact and fortified against visible signs of ageing.

We selected to best nature could offer for skin biomimetic renewal

3-peptide-5: Stimulates collagen type 1 synthesis, helping to offset its breakdown due to external agents, including smog and UV rays. Thanks to its small size, it penetrates easily and promotes a firming and smoothing action.

Spirulina: The most recent studies have revealed its extraordinary ability to transform the epidermis, acting as a true hydration enhancer. The results are extraordinary for your skin: a reinforced skin barrier, anti-ageing protection and oiliness control.

Growth factors GF-1, EGF, FGF and VEGF: Molecules involved in tissue repair. They regulate the expression of fundamental components of the extracellular matrix such as pro-collagen, elastin and laminin.

Enhancers: Molecules that increase the efficacy of active ingredients by increasing their penetration into the skin.

SIG1-peptide: biomimetic ingredient, exact replica of the skin's natural matrikines. It acts by regulating skin repair activities. Among the genes stimulated are TIMP1 (metalloproteinase 1 inhibitor), procollagen 3 (fibronectin precursor) and tenacity. It also reduces the expression of IL6.

SIG2-peptide: a biomimetic ingredient that mimics the biological action by which type I collagen synthesis is induced, thus helping to compensate for breakdown due to external agents. SIG2-peptide activates the TGF-beta gene, key to the creation of collagen.

SOD: the complex in the formula contains SOD+peptides from soya and rice. It is an antioxidant that improves skin texture by reducing collagen breakdown. It also improves localised swelling with action on the microcirculation (improvement of the periocular area). Regulates gene expression of the metalloproteases MMP and TIMP by reducing collagen breakdown.

Bioliquefied lycopene: This is a natural ingredient obtained using tomato peels harvested in Italy. It contains water-based lycopene, developed using a patented technology that enables a higher quantity and better quality of this carotenoid. Lycopene has a known protective power against UV rays and has also shown effective protection against pollution, measuring its action both in areas with low pollution and in urban areas with a lot of smog.

Bioactive from yeast: after stress, it stimulates the expression of key genes for maintaining balance at cell level. This leads to an increase in oxygenation of the skin, with a strong revitalising action.

Biotech prickly pear: Highly moisturising, skin-restoring and protective. This ingredient, obtained from 100% Italian figs, has improved bioavailability thanks to an exclusive enzymatic treatment

REBIRTH: Silky lightweight texture, anti-fatigue, smoothing.

RESURRECTION: Rich and Velvety Texture, regenerating, lifting.

The biotechnology behind the extraction of our natural ingredients makes them as effective as chemical ones.
Transformative Results: Prepare to be amazed as the all-in-one innovative formula penetrates deeply, stimulating collagen production and increasing skin elasticity. Witness fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots fade away, leaving behind a velvety smooth texture. Experience a renewed sense of confidence as your skin looks and feels its absolute best. Designed on (every) human skin.