Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Health

COVID-19 lesson learned: protection is better than cure

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U-Mask is the first biotech reusable mask in the world

The pandemic is constantly challenging us worldwide. We have to move on and we have learned an important lesson from the pandemic: Prevention is better than cure. And not only from COVID-19. There is a way to create your safe space while the world around you is restarting. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or unsafe wear a mask.


A good one. A U-Mask.

chosen by many f1 and sports teams

Sold in 100+ countries, adopted by the most demanding

Created for Hyper Performers

Adopted by pro athletes and the best companies in the world U-Mask is a patented product aiming to provide safe, breathable air to millions using cutting-edge nature-based biotechnology.

We are honoured to protect the best athletes in the world and to serve our Hyper performing customers in 100+ countries in the world.

People that have full control over their health and live a vibrant life. Join the smart achievers. Protect and thrive.

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U-Mask Model 2.2

• Everyday use

• Ideal for a casual, lifestyle-oriented look

• 14 colors + special editions

• Registered as a Class | medical device*

• Business customisation possible

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U-Mask Model 3

• Professional use

• Ideal for extra protection from dust

• 3 colors

• Classified as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - FFP2

• Business customisation possible

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Rated "Excellent" out of more than 12k reviews

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u-mask was created by a team of experts in biotechnology and protection

Designed by Experts

This area is used to describe your U-Mask is created by U-Earth, a biotech company with 12 years of experience in creating and validating cutting edge air purification devices and protective equipment to shield from aggressive air pollutants using biotechnology.


A team of experts for the most demanding achievers. 


Continuously improving models at the forefront of innovation.

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Extensive R&D

We put extreme emphasis and care on our research and development process.

All U-Mask products have undergone extensive testing and validations following the applicable regulations.

Rigorous quality checks on our production line are performed regularly to ensure a high-quality product. Additionally, every production batch is tested with the corresponding filtration test.

U-Mask also uses artificial intelligence software to identify and track any non-authentic products, an extra guarantee to confirm & verify that each of your U-Masks is original.

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Superior Style and Comfort

U-Mask models feature an extremely comfortable fit alongside a soft and stylish look. Because looks matter and you can protect yourself looking really cool. A wide range of colours is available.

Designed in Italy. Made for you.

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Delivering a Lower Impact

The cover of U-Mask models is made of regenerated nylon from the ocean's plastics, lowering our use of virgin materials. U-Mask models are also reusable within their specs, decreasing the amount of landfill waste and ground pollution.

1 U-Mask for up to 50 surgical masks and 30 FFP2.

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Shipping in 100+ countries

Shipping Worldwide, Offsetting our Emissions

Since March 2020, we've been serving customers everywhere in the world. From Milan to Melbourne and everywhere in between.


Since the launch of U-Mask Model 3, we offer climate-neutral shipping on our express services to specific countries to offset our delivery emissions.

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A long-lasting, High-Quality Protection, Always with you

When your health is at stake do not hesitate to protect yourself by choosing the best products on the market. This is what we have been working for and we are glad you have found U-Mask.

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