Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Health

COVID-19 lesson learned: protection is better than cure

Feel Safe and Protected, always

Sick of travelling, commuting and walking surrounded by air pollution of any kind?

Virus and Bacteria Protection

U-Mask models offer FFP2 or Medical Device protection against cross contamination, assessed by the required tests.

Reusable and Sustainable

The cover of U-Mask is made out of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean. You can also reuse it multiple times:

1 U-Mask for up to 50 surgical masks and 30 FFP2

Super Comfortable

The materials of U-Mask make them extremely comfortable and light to wear. No more pulling behind the ears.

The first biotech reusable mask in the world

Prevention is better than cure. And not only from COVID-19. There is a way to create your safe space while the world around you is restarting. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or unsafe wear a mask.


A good one. A U-Mask.

chosen by many f1 and sports teams

featured on:

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Worn By Celebrities and Hyper Performers

A product that made history. Chosen by the best people in the world.

Rated "Excellent" out of more than 13k reviews

Which U-Mask Model is right for me?

U-Mask Model 2.2

  • Everyday use
  • Ideal for a casual, lifestyle-oriented look
  • 14 colors + special editions
  • Registered as a Class | medical device*
  • Business customisation possible
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U-Mask Model 3

  • Professional use
  • Ideal for extra protection from fine dust
  • 3 colors
  • Classified as a Personal Protective Equipment PPE - FFP2
  • FFP2 standard is the European version of US N95
  • Business customisation possible
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For companies

Keep you winning team safe

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