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Hyper-U unlocks limitless sharpness, mindfulness and productivity you never thought possible, for you to perform like a champion.

Activate your potential

Your power, unleashed.

Still relying on caffeine and sugar-coated energy drinks to give you a boost?

The DNA and epigenetics approach works differenty.

Hyper-U was formulated to be the one-of-a-kind performance supplement you’ve dreamt of —manage oxidative and mental stress and turn it into a calmer, more focused mind to better overcome the challenges life throws at you.

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A new approach

It is studied by science how stress can make you sick. Mental health is one of the most underestimated problems and if unadressed it can trigger physical diseases as well.

What if a supplement by becoming part of your daily routine could overturn the equation and change the way you react to negative stress turning it into your secret superpower?

Our scientists and genetists came up with a solution. We were so excited from the effects that calling it "Super You" was not enough. We called it Hyper-U.

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The power of nature at your service

Less is more when you choose excellent quality.

Based on genetic research, each of the 3 main ingredients inside Hyper-U has been rigorously tested and pristinely sourced with the exact dosing required to take your life to the next level.


Rhodiola is an impressive, highly sought-after natural ingredient that helps combat burnout while boosting your mood, concentration, and mental performance for hours at a time. Hyper-U contains RodioX2©, a potent form of Rhodiola which, thanks to a solvent-free process, makes the ingredient 10x more effective. By helping blood circulation and enhancing mental function, this adaptogen herb can help improve cognitive function, increase mental performance during stressful times and minimise feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and loss of concentration.


Extracted from Spiralox©, this million-dollar ingredient is an anti-inflammatory pigment-protein complex that’s packed with minerals, vitamins and a high composition of amino acids that work to improve physical performance by invigorating the immune system through strengthening the cell membrane. This helps to increase the protection of cells from virus attacks, boosting the body’s disease defence and reducing health problems – because excellent performance and good mental health are only possible in a healthy body.


Spiralox© is a premium organic Spirulina – a blue-green algae that’s believed to be one of the oldest life forms on Earth. Grown in Sardinia's Blue Zone – one of the most ancient life longevity hubs in the world – Spirulina is considered the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. As a source of antioxidants, it helps to reduce blood pressure and manage sugar levels, cholesterol and allergies while helping to support and restore the body’s functions. Not all spirulinas are the same, so we’ve only chosen the best quality.

Sourced from nature, designed for U.

Hyper-U is unlike anything you've seen before

Meet your new standard of performance. A step more than "Super", go "Hyper".

Unmatched Bioavailability

RodioX2© is treated with a technology that improves its chemical and physical characteristics, increasing the access to circulation, and therefore enhancing the performance of the ingredient – otherwise known as bioavailability. 

Enhanced bioavailability means higher bodily absorption and assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and energy per unit. The more assimilation, the stronger the effect.

The performance of the RodioX2© complex is 10x higher than traditional supplements.

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Sourced from Italy's Longevity Blue Zone

Our Spirulina and Phycocyanin are sourced from Sardinia’s blue zone – an area where the unique combination of air, sun and soil means there are the most centenarians in the world.

A Mental Support

Mother Nature already has everything we need. We’ve harnessed the best of what she has to offer inside one easy-to-take pill to deliver the all-natural energy, stamina and sharpness you’ve only dreamed of. Because your mental wellbeing starts by addressing the way you react to challenges, problems, fears, life.

Titanium Dioxide Free

Titanium dioxide (E 171) is a food additive that’s often found in supplements. Recent scientific studies revealed that the substance could be harmful and adversely affect our DNA.

No, thank you. 

Skyrocket Your Energy, Focus and Performance

Backed by extensive research and science

Every daily dose of Hyper-U is designed to help unlock your true potential and elevate your performance to mind-blowing heights while supporting long-term health—including:

Boundless Energy & Productivity

Experience the boost of physical energy and emotional stability with the stamina to last longer than ever without artificial ingredients, caffeine or crashes.

Make your best performance an everyday occurance with Hyper-U as you unlock levels of productivity you never knew existed.

Empowering Stamina

No matter the task at hand, Hyper-U is designed to increase your stamina as you stave off any signs of tiredness, fatigue or procrastination.

Push past your comfort zone and lean into prolonged activities with ease. Hyper-U lets you keep going for as long as you need to.

Grounded Mindfulness

Hyper-U deeply grounds you in a state of calmness, serenity and inner peace that’ll melt away stress and help you experience a state of equanimity.

Mental pressure and anxiety can often hold us back, but imagine how much you could achieve without them? 

Gluten Free

gmo free

100% vegan

100% recyclable packaging


soy free

Coming from Cutting-Edge DNA Research

We recruited best-in-class researchers so you can rest easy knowing every ingredient inside Hyper-U has been rigorously sourced, tested and backed by science.

Created for U with superior ingredients by the most experienced researchers in epigenetics to unleash your true power and pursuit your own success

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