Find the Right U-Mask Fit with this AI Tool

Written by: U-Earth Store



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Have you ever had to pull your mask off your face because it was too tight and you couldn’t breathe? Or you constantly had to pull it back onto your nose because it kept slipping down? 

Masks are there to protect us, but if they don’t fit right they completely lose their purpose and potentially expose us to harmful viruses or pollution. 

Try the First Biometry-Based Mask Fitter

Using Google’s artificial intelligence, we’ve created a tool that scans the face to find the best U-Mask FFP2 fit for you. This not only ensures that your mask is completely comfortable but improves its effectiveness. 

If a mask is too wide, there will be a passage of air that allows contaminated or polluted air to enter the respiratory system, making the mask unsuitable, especially when being used in medical or professional situations. If the mask is too narrow, it can become tight and uncomfortable, which might prompt you to remove it, therefore rendering it pointless.

Where to Find the Mask-Fitting Tool

The tool can be found in the Pure Air Zone App – a community app that allows users to check air quality and vote for safe air.

Once the tool has scanned your face, it uses artificial intelligence to identify the ideal mask size. 

The options available are small, regular and large. 

How to Use the AI Tool to Find the Best Mask Size

  1. Make sure you have the Pure Air Zone App downloaded onto your phone
  2. From the home screen, click on the mask icon in the upper right hand corner 
  3. Select your nose size 
  4. Place the phone in front of your face, making sure you’re in the light and the camera is about 20 cm from you
  5. Adjust the camera position until you see your face in the dark frame outline
  6. You’ll see an increasing % showing the advancement of the AI processing
  7. After a few seconds, you’ll receive the results
  8. From there, you can shop for the size it has given you or retake the test

This feature combines biology and cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of anyone who wants to protect themselves with complete accuracy. 

What is the Pure Air Zone App? 

The biometry tool is just one small feature on the Pure Air Zone App. At its core, the app puts air quality into the hands of people. 

If you’re passionate about fighting air pollution, you can vote for the air you want to breathe by requesting safer air from businesses you like or visit the most. On top of this, you can learn eco habits, read good sustainability news, connect with a community of game changers and enjoy guided meditations. 

The more people that use it, the more impact it will have. Interested? Download it below.