U-Go Black Diamond by Ugo Cacciatori

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Perfect to carry your passport and travel documents

Fabric made from recycled plastic

Contains a U-Mask Model 2.2 special edition

Made in Italy

U-Go is the finest way to carry your U-Mask collection alongside other personal belongings. Born from a collaboration with Ugo Cacciatori that combines innovative and traditional techniques, recycled plastic bottles, and sustainable materials. Ugo Cacciatori has designed and developed a stunning piece - a 'U' in solid brass, singularly micro-casted and handcrafted in Italy. U-Go Black Diamond (Brass) comes with a U-Mask Model 2.2 Black.

Clutch Bag:

· 100% PL (96% post-consumer recycled polyester)
· Material made from recycled plastic bottles
· GRS certified by ICEA (GRS 2019-17)
· Dimensions: 19.5 x 13 cm


· 100% cellulose
· FSC-certified washable paper mix


· A mix of FSC certified paper and cardboard

U-shaped button:

· Solid brass


U-Mask is designed and produced in Italy with high quality and sustainability-oriented materials. Each new production batch is subjected to a new BFE test. An anti-counterfeiting seal is applied to the package to verify its authenticity. The package contains a washable and reusable cover, a reusable filter and a clip. The Cover can be washed at 30 ° C while the Refill can be dabbed with a damp or sanitized cloth. For more information, please visit the Mask Care Instructions page.


U-Go is an envelope-shaped clutch bag, which metaphorically wants to convey a message: sustainable design is possible and wants to create greater awareness of the need to take care of the environment.


U-Mask has an outer part (the Cover) that is reusable and made of 100% regenerated nylon, a material obtained from scraps of the ocean and plastic waste. The internal part (the Refill), to be combined with the Cover, is composed of 4 filtration layers, completely non-toxic (no meltblown) and subjected to an electrostatic charge process capable of increasing the filtering capacity against external microorganisms. It contains a self-sanitising and antiproliferative layer - the Biolayer™ - that counteracts the survival and growth of pathogenic microorganisms inside the mask. A nose strip (the Clip) is also provided - to be invisibly applied between the filter and the cover, to make U-Mask even more adherent to the face and preventing it from sliding. It is a superb balance of filtering performance and protection, lightweight comfort, and stylish design. For tests, read more here.

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How U-Go was born and crafted

in collaboration with designer ugo cacciatori