U-Mask Model 3 Petra

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Made from 100% regenerated nylon

Filter washable up to 20 times

FFP2 & PPE certified

Made in Italy


U-Mask Model 3 is an innovative, biotech, reusable face mask that counteracts the passage of external microorganisms, offering specific protection against the smallest aerosols and particles with no compromise on comfort. U-Mask Model 3 features a new, nanofiltration layer and improved enveloping design, useful in work and professional contexts, travel, and in public places. U-Mask Model 3 is a FFP2 R D mask. Certified as category III reusable PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) compliant - with EN 149:2001 + A1:2009, it comes in new packaging with eco-friendly biodegradable material (EcoPure®). Designed by U-Earth. Made in Italy. Learn more about tests here.


U-Mask Model 3 is a reusable, non-sterile and protective mask. It is made of two parts that must be combined - the Cover and the Refill. The outer part (Cover) is colored, reusable, washable and made from 100% regenerated nylon. The inner part is a replaceable Refill, composed of 4 filtration layers and hand-washable up to 20 times at 40°C (test carried out according to the UNI EN ISO 6330:2012 standard), thereby reducing the environmental impact of protective masks. An unseen anti-slip clip, which is resistant to washing, is applied to the Refill at the bridge of the nose to make U-Mask even more adherent to the face, preventing it from sliding. An anti-counterfeiting seal is applied to the package to verify authenticity. It is a superb balance of filtering performance and protection, lightweight comfort, stylish design, and sustainability.

The outer part (Cover) is made of 100% regenerated nylon, a material obtained from scraps of the ocean and plastic waste; it can be machine washed at 40°C. The internal part (Refill) is composed of 4 filtration layers, completely non-toxic - one of which is a premium quality meltblown - and subjected to an electrostatic charge process capable of increasing the filtering capacity against external microorganisms. It contains an antiproliferative layer - the Biolayer™ - that counteracts the survival and growth of pathogenic microorganisms inside the mask. Both the Cover and the Refill come with an FFP certification stamp. The filter can be washed 20 times under a temperature of 40°. The package is made of eco-friendly biodegradable material (EcoPure) that disintegrates in a few months instead of hundreds of years.

U-Mask Model 3 is a reusable filtering mask registered as an FFP2 R D, a category III reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It is not a Medical Device. It is not sterile.
U-Mask is not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment used in professional settings. It is not recommended to use U-Mask face masks in a clinical setting such as hospital surgery rooms or intensive care and as classified in UNI ISO 14644, where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high and sterile, mono-use equipment is recommended. Please continue to follow your workplace/institutional standards and governmental guidelines and orders regarding face mask use and other precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It is important that everyone is aware that protection against viruses, bacteria, and airborne pathogens is the responsibility of the single individual, with all efforts to make sure that all the necessary sanitary, hygienic, health and contagion precautions are taken. As a consequence, U-Mask, U-Earth Biotech or any other branch directly related to U-Earth Biotech Ltd or U-Mask decline any responsibility related to the contagion of COVID-19 or any other viral virus, as well as all the side effects and potential developments or deteriorations of a user's health

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PPE & FFP2 certified

pfe > 99% against very fine particles

4 layers of biotech filtration

reusable up to 20 washes

Protection Against The Finest Dusts

Average filtration of >99% against very fine particles (0,02 - 2  um) including viruses and smog particles

PFE of >99%, Certified As an FFP2

Certified as an FFP2 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), U-Mask Model 3 is designed to achieve a highly efficient filtration of airborne particles.

4 Layers

The internal part (Refill) is made up of 4 biocompatible filtering layers, one of which is composed of a very high-quality meltblown material. A process of electrostatic charge increases the filtering capacity against external microorganisms

Perfect fit

A nose clip ensures a perfect fit of the mask to the face, preventing it from sliding down. The design ensures the face is greatly enveloped.

Reusable up to 20 Washes

The filter of U-Mask Model 3 is reusable and it is active up to a maximum of 20 washes, saving the environment from tons of waste.

Anti counterfeit seal

Each product is equipped with an anti-counterfeiting seal, based on an innovative artificial intelligence system, to guarantee the authenticity of U-Mask.