about us

U-Earth Store is a hyper health store designed to help people unlock their full mental and physical potential using a suite of biotech products that are powered by nature. 

The Inspiration

For years the world has had to learn how to adapt during tricky times. Now, there are constant changes that put continued pressure on our overall health. And while genes play an important role in understanding our own health, our behaviour and environment heavily impacts it, too. To succeed, it’s imperative that people put their wellbeing first and protect themselves from within. 

By combining a team of biotechnology and epigenetic experts to leverage cutting edge R&D, U-Earth has found a way to help people unleash their power and be the best version of themselves. 

The Mission

What started with a mission to provide clean air for all through an ecosystem of air purifying products soon shifted to protect people on the go with U-Mask. Having seen first-hand how our environments can affect us in every way, U-Earth decided to extend its offering to give people a full range of health living-related products. 

U-Earth Store is built on the principle of hyper health, which is guided by three main pillars: 

• Hyper natural ingredients

• Hyper performance

• Hyper sustainability

To uphold these pillars, all the products from the U-Earth Store share a common set of features: attention to design, biotechnology, premium quality ingredients and respect for the environment.

Every Purchase Has a Purpose

All of this is underpinned by a wider ambition: each purchase with U-Earth Store has a purpose as it contributes to a company on a mission to help the planet with all provisions completely reinvested back into the Pure Air Zone project.

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