Wear a Bold Statement

100% sustainable limited edition chosen by our community

Join the Slow Fashion Movement

Every year, over 4 million tons of clothing ends up in landfills across Europe. 

But what if you could change that and stand up for the planet?

Made From Garbage

Each garment in the collection is made using a blend of recycled organic cotton and raw organic cotton with a small percentage of recycled polyester added to the hoodies. 

This minimises emission, chemical and water use and helps to divert tons of fabric and plastic waste away from landfills. 

Dare To Wear It

One voice fades, but many voices make an echo.

Can we start a revolution by wearing what we stand for?

Send a message to the world (in comfortable clothing, of course).


Tee for a Tree

Pollution hates trees. So, we’re planting more

For every garment sold, we’ll plant one tree, meaning each purchase will trigger a measurable action for good and create an even bigger environmental impact.

Rewrite the Rules

Sustainability and style have no gender. That’s why these garments are unisex.

We made this collection to allow anyone to  spread awareness in a planet-positive way, without being held back by gender norms.

So no matter who you are, you can make a statement in comfortable clothing that suits you (and your radical beliefs).

Made By You

We asked 5000 of our VIU community to co-create a new sustainable product with us and asked what statement they wanted to make to stand for change.

The chosen slogans were the most popular answers – so we made it happen.

How Your Purchase Helps the Planet

Every kilo of recycled yarn saves…

20,000 liters of water

200 grams of pesticides and fertilisers



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