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What is the Hyper Health Protocol?

1. Protect

Stay protected from airborne contaminants and pollutants while travelling, commuting to the office or walking around the city.

U-Mask Model 3 (FFP2) and U-Mask Model 2.2 (medical device) will give you the biotech protection that you need with amazing comfort.

2. Detox

Detox your body with Spiralox® Tabs & Flakes, our premium organic spirulina farmed in Italy's Blue zone.

3. Perform

Be 50 moves ahead with the all natural "Limitless Pill". Unlock Your Daily Peak Performance with a powerful boost to your mind and body.

4. Shine

The DNA-based Biomimetic face creams. These natural, chemical-free formulas offer instant repair and sustainable beauty. Experience cutting-edge skincare rooted in a decade of scientific innovation.

5. Assess



U-Go: a stylish travel pouch designed in collaboration with Ugo Cacciatori and made from recycled plastic bottles.

U-Clothing: make a statement with our sustainably-produced clothing