Sustainability at U-Earth

The planet is in trouble. We all need to act now, collectively, to save it. Every person and business can play its part to create a positive impact. 

At the U-Earth Store, we have one mission that underpins everything we do: enable prosperity by empowering companies' and people's transformation for the good of the Earth. 

Everything created at the U-Earth Store is made with this mission in mind, helping our customers become the best they can be while respecting the planet at every stage of the product life cycle. 

But this isn’t enough to ensure complete neutrality. We also invest your purchase back into the business to fund U-Earth’s mission: making clean air a human right, and working with projects that fund stronger communities, clean energy and a greener earth.

b corporation in progress

Our commitment to making a real impact on the Earth and its people is upheld by our goal to become a B Corp. 

Becoming a B Corp will mean that we meet the highest social and environmental standards through performance, accountability and transparency. 

We’re well on our way to achieving this accreditation and will continue to strive in improving our impact score once certified.

carbon neutral

The calculated monthly Carbon Footprint Equivalent (CFE) for the production and usage of the U-Mask Model 2.2 is 0.21kg and 0.17kg for the U-Mask Model 3. This means the Carbon Footprint Equivalent of the Model 3 is only 16% of the average disposable FFP mask on a monthly basis. 

Offsetting our emissions on top of this makes both U-Mask models carbon neutral.

recyclable packaging

The outer box and refill bag of Hyper-U are biodegradable, meaning that they decompose organically and can be thrown into a food waste bin. 

The glass pill bottle can also be used as long as you want for your refills or reused for any other purpose. 

U-Mask’s packaging is crafted from EcoPure®, an eco-friendly biodegradable material and U-Go’s box is made from a mixture of FSC certified paper and cardboard.

Sustainably Sourced

Our natural resources are precious but they are depleting while the amount of waste on our land and in our oceans rises. 

To be as respectful as possible to nature, we harness the power of technology through careful extraction to ensure complete respect for the planet in the production of our products. 


The spirulina and phycocyanin within Hyper-U are sourced from Sardinia’s Blue Zone, an area renowned for its longevity of life and highly sought-after ingredients. To avoid any exploitation or over production of these valuable ingredients, we only extract what we need and keep the supply limited. 


The U-Mask’s reusable non-toxic nylon cover is regenerated from ocean and landfill waste. It creates lower environmental risk as each U-Mask 2.2 saves the ocean from 50 surgical masks, on average. U-Mask Model 3 saves the ocean from 21 FFP masks, on average.


The U-Go travel pouch is also made from recycled plastic bottles, 100% cellulose and FSC-certified washable paper mix.


A 100% sustainable collection made using recycled organic cotton, raw organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

This minimises emission, chemical and water use and helps to divert tons of fabric and plastic waste away from landfills.

Planting A Tree For Every Purchase

We wanted to make your purchases make even more of an impact, so we partnered with Treedom. For every purchase at the U-Earth Store, we will plant one tree. Once a purchase has been made, you’ll be able to track your tree and watch the entire U-Forest grow.

Beyond The Environment

Our People

At U-Earth, our people drive us forward. We take care of our team’s wellbeing through health initiatives, life insurance, training opportunities, career development and benefits.

Our customers

As U-Earth Store helps to fund U-Earth and its fight against air pollution, your purchase provides individuals with a basic human need: making clean air a human right for all.

Our communities

We support our communities by sourcing and purchasing from local suppliers and champion underrepresented groups through our female leadership and number of female employees (64%),

Which SDGs Does U-Earth Align With?

a cleaner future

Carbon Footprint and Net Zero Efforts

We aim to decrease our global emissions and work towards net zero through various initiatives:

contributing to a bigger picture

Powering our Mission

At U-Earth, we believe clean air for all is a human right. 

When you place your order today, you’ll support U-Earth and its core mission to protect the world from air pollution via the global diffusion of Pure Air Zones in companies and public spaces, building a community and empowering game-changing organisations that are committed to providing a clean air world.

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