Backed by Biotechnology

Hyper-U uses biotechnology through its extraction and processes to harness the power of nature that goes beyond its nutrient benefits. 

Discover how the phycocyanin extraction from Spirulina and the solvent-free process of rhodiola combines biology and technology to create something totally unique. 

the unique

Extraction Process

Giving some exceptional properties to our ingredients


We own the supply chain

To ensure the best quality of Hyper-U, we are in control at every stage of the production process. To maintain quality, we only source the best ingredients that the world has to offer, including Spiralox©, a premium organic Spirulina that’s grown in Sardinia’s Blue Zone – one of the most ancient life longevity hubs in the world.

To maintain control, we avoid sourcing extracts from larger farms in Asia, that have higher availability for a lower price, and instead invest in the farms that grow our ingredients.

the RodioX2© extraction

Giving Unmatched Bioavailability

Rhodiola is a highly sought-after natural ingredient that boosts energy, increases mental performance and reduces stress. 

Hyper-U contains RodioX2©, a potent form of rhodiola, which goes through a solvent-free process to improve its chemical and physical characteristics, increasing the access to circulation, and therefore enhancing the performance of the ingredient. This is called bioavailability. 

Enhanced bioavailability means higher bodily absorption and assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and energy per unit. The more assimilation, the stronger the effect.

This process makes the RodioX2© complex 10x more effective than traditional supplements.


Traditions Passed Down For Millenia

Both Spiralox® and Phycocyanin are extracted from the Blue Zone in Sardinia – an area renowned for its longevity of life and the largest number of centenarians in the world. This is due to the unique combinations of its surroundings and the population’s diet. Sourcing Hyper-U’s ingredients from this area allows you to experience the benefits of this Blue Zone for yourself. 

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Health is the most important thing you have. Hyper-U takes your health to the next level, allowing you to achieve things you never knew possible. 

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