U-Mask Model 2.2

The most stylish reusable Medical Device*

Protection Against Aereosols

Thanks to a nano-filtration process, an internal 'closed cell' layer guarantees a high filtering efficiency without compromising breathability.

4 Layers

The internal part of U-Mask Model 2.2, the refill filter, is composed of layers of hypoallergenic and nano-filtering non-woven fabric and the exclusive Bio-Layer. Together with the cover, U-Mask has 5 layers of filtration. It is reusable and acts against pathogens up to a maximum of 200 hours of respiratory use.

Electrostatically charged

The fabrics that make up the refill filter are subjected to an electrostatic charge process.

Neutralises contaminants

The Bio-Layer™ is composed of an active ingredient capable of self-sanitising the mask and preventing bacterial proliferation.

Filters >99% BFE Both Ways

U-Mask technology aims to maximise bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) in both directions, from the inside to the outside and vice versa.
Each production batch is tested.

Splash Resistant

The outer part of U-Mask Model 2.2, the cover, is soft, elastic and washable. Made from 100% regenerated nylon, it is splash-resistant and designed to maximise comfort. 

Optimal Fit

A nose clip ensures a perfect fit of the mask to the face, preventing it from sliding down.

Anti Counterfeit Seal

Each product is equipped with an anti-counterfeiting seal, based on an innovative artificial intelligence system, to guarantee the authenticity of U-Mask.